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Chaotic card game Munchkin mooches onto Steam

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Beneath the fun of tabletop board games lies a genre known as “take that” style card games. They revolve around people drawing cards that suddenly grant additional powers or abilities, and counterplay depends almost entirely on drawing the right cards in response. Munchkin It’s the king of these, at least in terms of popularity, sending millions of players around the world into dungeons to competitively kill goofy horrors.

I can’t stand it, but it’s now in early access on Steam. Statistically speaking, a lot of people would be very happy about it.

Munchkins are simple but difficult. You spend your turn fighting monsters or collecting treasures to help you fight monsters, increasing your level with each defeat. The first player to reach level 10 wins. The complexity, or annoyance, comes from keeping track of all the cards you and other players can collect. This affects whether your total power exceeds the total power of the monster you’re fighting.

I think of the game as a kind of shallow side pool. Good for paddles and laughter when you’re too drunk to do anything else. Munchkins don’t work for that though. Because counting and tracking the various effects is cumbersome, and they are often compounded by muddy priorities. Pretending to be refreshing, dragging on forever.

To be fair, this new digital edition could go a long way in that regard. Highlighting and calculating everything tells the computer what to do and how, speeding up play dramatically.

Developed by Dire Wolf Games (also Digitizing the Game of Thrones board game) said they plan to spend 1-3 months in Early Access, during which time they plan to expand support for various languages ​​and add cross-platform play. It also “expands player negotiations and counteroffers, improves tutorials and onboarding”, and “makes combat smoother”.

The main thing is to play with friends, but there is also a “special rule solo challenge”. The price will not change even after the sales start.

you can buy it with steam £11.40/$15/€12.50.

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