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Crash Bandicoot: Wumpa League footage leaks

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long-standing rumors Crash Bandicoot: Wumpa League The spinoff appears to have been spotted by historian and researcher Liam Robertson, who shared new footage and information about the planned game. Via YouTube. We have already seen Artwork leaked from the projectthis video is a solid confirmation that the game exists, or at least Did it exists at one point.

According to Robertson, wampa league Toys for Bob had been in development for quite some time, but it allowed the studio to focus on additional work before it was shelved. call of dutyIt was reportedly designed to be a team-based competitive multiplayer game, with players facing off against mixed teams of characters. was to acquire

The artwork shared by Robinson is crash bandicoot Anti-hero Dingodile leads a pack of heroes and villains against a rival team consisting of Tauna, Coco Bandicoot, Cortex, and a never-before-seen bull woman. Many original characters such as Ripper Roo and Ukauka also appear. Concept One of these he’s depicted in his artwork looks like an electric hamster. Another is a strange bat creature.

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‘The project is basically used crash 4‘s engine and assets as the basis for a multiplayer game with a more open environment,” explains Robertson.

Leaked footage shared with video shows Dingodile roaming inside gray box A world covered by different platforms. Underneath these platforms is a green texture that appears to represent slime. As in the footage, all characters are given gliders to help them move through levels quickly.

Players explore these unique levels, collecting Wumpa fruits found in crates and trying to avoid “nitro waves” that wipe out the lower levels of each biome. Once a significant amount of Oompafruit had been collected, the player returned to his team base and unloaded the goods. Other players can be hit or KO’d with spin attacks, resulting in a Wumpa fruit drop.

According to Robertson, this may not represent the current state of the game. He claims to have seen a more recent full version of the project. This may indicate that Toys for Bob has resumed work on the game. wampa league Despite being presumed dead for a long time, it will be officially revealed.

on the other hand, crash bandicoot Although the spin-off was originally thought to be canceled, Robertson now believes the project may be publicly realized. Game Awards 2022gave Bob a toy recently teased the release of a new game Relevant to long-running franchises.We’ll have to wait and see if this teaser works out, but in the meantime, early wampa league Take a look at the greybox footage and think about how far the game has come.

find out When to Attend The Game Awards 2022 December 8-9, 2022 For more information on this project, please check back to see if it is ready for republishing.

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