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Discord accounts targeted by new AXLocker ransomware

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discord In addition to performing file encryption, accounts have been reportedly stolen by the new AXLocker ransomware family. beep computerResearchers at Cyble found that running AXLocker instantly targets specific file extensions and excludes key folders. After encrypting files using the AES algorithm, AXLocker leverages her webhook URL to access the attacker’s victim ID, system details, data stored in the browser, and her Facilitate the distribution of Discord tokens. key directory. AXLocker victims will be presented with a ransom note that pops up giving her 48 hours deadline to communicate with the attackers. However, the note does not contain any ransom details. The report points out the significant threat of AXLocker ransomware to the large community, whereby individuals whose computers have been encrypted by AXLocker are forced to do so to prevent further compromise of their accounts, data, and community. You should be prompted to change your Discord password immediately.

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