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Discord voice chat is now available for PS5 software beta testers

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Discord voice chat A long-awaited feature on the PS5, it’s finally here for system software beta testers. Sony this morning blog post An overview of what’s new in the latest beta drop. It includes a number of new social features that go far beyond chatting with friends from other platforms. I was. You can also more easily see which friends are playing the same games as you.

Also, if you want to share your captures, you can now select them in the console to manually upload to the PS app (previously these uploads were done automatically every time a capture was taken. ). Of course, for many people, Discord voice chat for PS5 software beta users is a big new feature. And if you’re in the software beta, you can set it up now.

Discord Voices Coming Today For PS5 System Software Beta Users

There is currently only one guaranteed way to use the voice chat feature. Must be in the System Software Beta Program for PS5. Sony first started doing this a long time ago. When I was testing extended storage. And the only way to get into the program was to register. If you haven’t done it yet, you can still do it. However, please note that participation in the program is not guaranteed.

For those not in the system software beta, Sony says the feature is coming “later this year.” Anyone with access will need to link their Discord and PlayStation accounts and use the latest beta version of PS5 and the latest version of his app on Discord Mobile.

PS5 is more social than ever

Sony is adding several new ways to more easily interact with friends on PlayStation. Let’s say you want to see what games your friends are playing. All you have to do is open your friend’s profile, click the screen share button and send the request. They get a notification that you’ve seen them play and want to start screen sharing.

You’ll also see a “Join Game” icon in party chat, and a new tile on your Game Hub page showing which friends are playing the game. same game you do. For example, if you just picked up God of War Ragnarok, you’ll see a tile labeled “Playing Friends” next to the trophy progress tile.

Beyond the social features, there are some gameplay and personalization changes. Added support for variable refresh rates when playing at 1440p resolutions (on supported displays), several new filter options, and settings for managing who can invite other players to a multiplayer game session you’ve started. can now be set.

In addition, users can transfer PS4 save data in the cloud to PS5 console or easily transfer from PS5 to another PS5 using Wi-Fi or LAN cable. Finally, US and UK users can test a new preview feature that lets you capture content using your voice. Say something like “Hey PlayStation, capture it” and your console will save your most recent gameplay. Sony says the default length of saved clips is based on your settings.

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