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Duel global release? Expected release dates, available platforms, and more

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Street Fighter: Duel is the latest installment in CAPCOM’s acclaimed Street Fighter series. This mobile game breaks away from the traditional fighting game style the series is famous for, offering players a new and unique role-playing (RPG) experience.

Within the title, you can individually control iconic characters from the series, such as Ryu and Chun-Li. They must strategically assemble a team of fighters and embark on a thrilling adventure in the game’s story mode.

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Developers, namely CAPCOM and Crunchyroll, have decided to pre-register their games. US/Canada/UK/Australia and some EU regionsInterested users in these specific regions can complete pre-registration by following the steps below.

step 1: Search for the game on the Google Play Store to get started.or use this link Go directly to the game page.

Step 2: Next, tap the “Pre-registration” button to proceed with the pre-registration process.

Step 3: A confirmation will appear on the screen and you will be pre-registered for the game’s release. Therefore, we can patiently await its arrival in the coming weeks.

Street Fighter: Duel will soon be available for pre-order on the App Store

owning user iOS Pre-orders for the game haven’t opened yet, so devices will have to wait. Nevertheless, they start quickly. The developer has said the same thing on the game’s official social media handles.

Pre-registration on the App Store will open soon. Until then, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord to stay up to date! discord.gg/rhauXGkEh4

The developer also revealed that it will offer special rewards as players cross various tiers of pre-registration. . This will motivate users to participate in the process, and lead to more onboarding towards the launch of the game.

Bonus benefits that gamers may receive Pre-registration You can give them a big advantage when they start the game. Basically, the rewards they earn consist of in-game currency and other items.

Planned release date and platform availability

Official Announcement Confirms Street Fighter: Duel Is Expected release With the month kicking off in February 2023, users can expect the game to launch in the near future.

It has been on sale in China for several years, and is good news for series fans who have been waiting for its release.

Regarding platform accessibility, it was announced that Street Fighter: Duel will be available on both Android and iOS. deviceSpecifically, Android users can download the game from the Google Play Store and iOS users from the Apple App Store.

Follow the game on our social media handles for the latest news about its release.

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