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E3 Now Losing Sony, Microsoft And Nintendo For 2023, So Does It Even Exist?

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Something happened during the pandemic, and it feels like a lot of video game companies have realized that… they can put things out any way they want. So why do we need ESA and E3 for that?

this week, New report from IGN says Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all skipping shows for 2023. This certainly raises the question of whether E3 will take place at all, and if so, who is actually still there.

Even before the pandemic, this was a bit of a late death. It’s always had a “treehouse” presence, but its presentation was always a long direct that could air anywhere. and has repeatedly expressed support for E3 and ESA, but has yet to attend this year.

With three console makers gone, few big names are left to join the show. There is a BlizzCon that is. EA has EA Play. Now, who are we… exactly?

E3 was canceled entirely last year in 2022, with the season handed over to Geoff Keighley’s less structured Summer Game Fest. But even in 2021, there were still Capcom, Take-Two, Square Enix, Gearbox, Bandai Namco, and Ubisoft. I think… even if all these publishers showed up in 2023, it would be enough, but it’s going to be a show that has changed dramatically, and it’s been a long time since the biggest companies that have defined it for decades. Missing big moments.

But again, the longer this goes on, the more likely Ubisoft will have a “Forward” presentation online and not worry about a physical E3 presence. Alternatively, Gearbox could release trailers for Borderlands 4 and the new Borderlands movie anytime. E3 now feels like an unnecessary middleman.

Geoff Keighley really seems to understand this. In the summer, he won’t host a specific in-person mega-event, but he will be able to convince countless brands to debut his generalized “Summer Games Fest” concept. occupy most of the summer. Then, in winter, there’s The Game Awards, which doubles as a GOTY anointing ceremony, and a showcase of giant E3-style game premieres.

E3 is getting left behind, and I don’t know what I can or can’t do to turn things around at this point.

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