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EA and Respawn canceled a single-player Apex Legends game

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Respawn Entertainment’s single-player spin-off apex legends Reported as recently canceled bloombergUnannounced project cancellation follows sudden news of EA’s recent kill decision Apex Legends Mobile.

A source who told Bloomberg claimed the game was a codename Titanfall Legend, Veteran designer Mohammad Alavi served as director before leaving the company in early 2022. The cancellation of this project was due to a weak earnings outlook in the most recent fiscal quarter.

since then apex legends Launching in 2019, Respawn was cautious about whether or not a third Titanfall would be released. Had this game been released, it would have been his first single player entry in the sci-fi shooter series. Titanfall 2 2016.

Weight of both Titanfall and Titanfall apex legends A single player title would have been appealing to players of both games.

According to Bloomberg, EA plans to redeploy 50 staff members from the canceled project to other divisions of the game publisher.

Interestingly, the codename is titanfall legend It shows Respawn was trying to follow in Riot Games’ footsteps these days.of league of legends The developer recently announced several spin-off titles, including Airship Syndicate’s action-RPG. Ruined King: The Story of League of Legends 2021 years.

Non-Apex projects in Respawn, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, It was also recently pushed on April 28th.

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