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Flexible And Printed Electronics Among CES 2023 Highlights

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CES 2023sponsored by Consumer Technology Association (CTA)is the world’s largest technology showcase. Traditionally held annually in Las Vegas, the COVID-19 pandemic was the only exception. CES brings together the latest trends and technologies that may eventually become part of our daily lives.

According to CTA, CES 2023 has come back from the pandemic era and attracted more than 115,000 industry professionals, far exceeding initial expectations. CTA reports that his CES 2023, which took place January 5-8, had more than 3,200 exhibitors of his, including 1,000 startups. Exhibit halls throughout Las Vegas contained approximately 2.2 million square feet of exhibits, 70% larger than CES 2022.

“CES 2023 was a great reunion, rocking everything from our keynote stage attendance to press conferences to product debuts on the show floor, showing the world that in-person events are back,” said CTA. , reporting the results: “The innovations announced this week will drive the economy forward.

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