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GitHub co-founder launches new publisher Null Games with ‘Tape To Tape’

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GitHub founder Chris Wanstrath has announced his ‘developer-friendly’ publisher Null Games, confirming that the first title to be released is Hockey Rogue Lite tape to tape.

Wanstrath co-founded software development platform GitHub in 2007 and served as CEO of the company until its acquisition by Microsoft in 2018.

Today (February 1st) Wanstrath announced Null Games. It’s “part of a new wave of indie game publishers putting developers first.”

The first title to be released by Null Games is tape to tape, from Canadian developer Excellent Rectangle. Described as a hockey roguelite, tape to tape is a “fantasy sports game that can be enjoyed by non-sports fans”.

“A hockey game at its core, where you control the worst team in a fictional league full of unforgettable characters and colorful teams. By building a roster, acquiring new abilities and ultimately winning the game. , it’s your job to turn a pack of misfits into world champions, or go back to square one in the face of defeat.”

tape to tape will be released in April 2023, Wishlist via Steam now.

by Official websiteNull Games will be founded in 2022 [and] Created with a weekend of losing yourself in a new world and a late-night spirit of conquering friends and foes. We publish fun and social games without battle passes or loot boxes. Our games treat players with respect and our publishing agreements are the most developer-friendly terms. We partner with developers who share our vision, and share their risks in return. ”

Wanstrath said of the company in a statement: But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that the gaming industry isn’t always fun. Creative people who are directly responsible for making great games are often treated the worst. Indie He knows that in the gaming world, publishers have all the power. Contracts are often one-sided, and so are the risks. We believe there is a better way. ”

“Null is just one publisher. We cannot change the industry, but we are part of the growth movement that makes it possible,” he continued.

“We believe that by partnering with developers and offering great terms, they can make better games in a more sustainable way,” added Wanstrath. After all, this is really what the game is all about. We’ve seen what a developer-unfriendly Crunch culture produces. It’s time to see what happens when you treat developers and gamers with respect. ”

In other news Hollow Knight developer team cherry I filed a trademark for the word “Fearless Fox” in Australia. It seems to be the title of an unannounced project.

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