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God Of War Ragnarök Director ‘Would Love’ A Shot At Castlevania

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An image of Kratos from God of War Ragnarok and a silhouette of Simon Belmont creeping in the background.

“Is it you, BOY?” Kratos, definitely.
image: Sony/Nintendo/Konami/Kotaku

War God Ragnarok just came outbut still, there seems to be hope for the action-adventure game to get DLC. god of war No expansions were made after launch so why and when will this follow up supposed to end the rebooted series A little strange. But now, game director Eric Williams didn’t just end that conversation by saying people shouldn’t expect it. Ragnarok Download contents, Not only confirmed that he “likes” Castlevania business.

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of Long discussion about Kinda Funny Games spoiler castWilliams was asked Ragnarok Now that the game has dropped, you may get some addon content. Williams, perhaps in disbelief, shook his head slightly and said it was unlikely to happen.

“Um, I don’t know the man, that game is big,” Williams told Kinda Funny. [Sony Santa Monica Studio] I didn’t count on it because I put everything we had into it.

Although he seems to have buried the concept at first glance, Ragnarok acquisition DLC, Williams was quick to mention another license the team had no problem stabbing: Konami’s long-running but now MIA Castlevania.

After a funny crew joked about him while playing the 1997 PlayStation Classic, Williams said. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night now he had Ragnarok finished. “There’s an audience here in the world, right? I don’t know what to do next, but if someone gets it Castlevania license, [Santa Monica] I would love to make one. “

Kotaku We reached out to Sony for comment.

Castlevania Konami’s gothic horror action-adventure series. 1997 influential symphony of the nightserves as a key inspiration for what is now called the “Metroidvania” genre. not. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

Since then we’ve seen several compilations repackaging old school Castlevania games like 2019 Castlevania Anniversary Collection and in 2021Castlevania Advance Collection, But if you were expecting something new, you’re out of luck. And further the coffin nails, the last bit Castlevania A medium in recent memory was Netflix’s dark fantasy animated series of the same name. It looks like season 4 is over.

kinda funny game

Maybe Sony Santa Monica Studio can give the Belmonts the Kratos treatment? It’s the same thing.

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War God Ragnarok It was released on November 9 to critical acclaim, scoring a score of 94 on review aggregators. metacritic When OpenCriticThe well-realized relationship dynamic between Kratos and his teenage son Atreus, of course, has a lot going for it. checkpoint system This makes for much less potential drag on boss fights. This is a godsend and we hope to see more games implemented in the future.

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