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Google focusing Duplex on voice calls, shuts down web version

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“Duplex” is Google’s catch-all term For technology that can handle tedious, multi-step tasks for you. The phone version is the best-known application of this technology, and Google is now shutting down Duplex on the Web.

Google Duplex famous announcement At I/O 2018, we can now make restaurant reservations for you.Mimicking a human when making a call and featuring disclosure, it debuted in Pixel smartphone Before expanding availability. On the next I/O, google announced that it has appeared on the web to help you complete a task buying movie ticketsDuplex in Chrome with assistant branding asks for preferences and then navigates to theater buying websites.

Google is shutting down Duplex on the Web and calling it “deprecated”.the company confirmed TechCrunch and Notice to Web Partners Automated features enabled with Duplex on the Web will no longer be supported after this date. [December 2022]”

Since being announced at I/O 2019, Duplex now supports:

  • ticket purchase: “Buy cinema tickets for users on your website.”
  • Checkout assistance for retail websites (2021): “Give your users an optimized and automated checkout experience on your website.”
  • restaurant website food order (2021): “Allows users to order food on your website.”
  • Flight check-in assistance on airline websites: “Allow users to check-in for flights on your site. Android users will receive Google Assistant notification service to check-in for flights. User details will be sent via flight booking information from Gmail to It will pre-populate the check-in form on the website.
  • automatic password change (2022): “Use Google Assistant to automate password changes for sites.”
  • automatic discount finder: “Automatically apply coupons to your website.”

Duplex worked by periodically training “to your site so that the Google Assistant can perform certain actions.” change Password It was a reputable ability.

Google is shutting down Duplex on the Web, citing user and developer feedback. It’s also doing this to “fully focus on bringing AI advancements to Duplex voice technology that helps people most every day.”

This meant that Duplex on the Web was less popular and voice versions that handled phone calls were more common. Duplex is popular on Pixel phones hold for me When Direct My Call, which you can tap on the phone tree instead of navigating the physical dial pad. Google also uses voice technology to check store hours and product inventory.

9to5Google’s view

In the short term, Duplex re-prioritization makes sense since we still have a lot of phone-only interactions. However, in the future everything will be the web version and having an assistant that can handle these tasks would be very powerful.

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