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Google says Google and other Android manufacturers haven’t patched security flaws

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Google revealed several security flaws in Mali GPU-powered phones, including the Exynos SoC.Company’s project zero The team says they have flagged the issue arm Back in the summer (designing GPUs). ARM fixed his issue at the end of July and he at the end of August. However, smartphone makers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Google themselves hadn’t deployed patches to fix the vulnerabilities earlier this week, Project Zero said.

Researchers identified five new issues in June and July and immediately reported them to ARM. Project Zero’s Ian Beer said, “One of these issues is leading to kernel memory corruption, one is physical memory addresses exposed to user space, and his other three are physical page frees. It has led to usage,” he said. wrote in a blog post“This allows an attacker to continue reading and writing after the physical page has been returned to the system.”

Beer noted that hackers can bypass Android’s permission model and gain “extensive access” to a user’s data, potentially gaining full access to the system. An attacker can do this by forcing the kernel to reuse the aforementioned physical pages as page her tables.

Three months after ARM fixed these issues, Project Zero found that all of the team’s test devices were still vulnerable to the flaw. As of Tuesday, the issue is not listed in a “downstream security bulletin” from his Android maker.

Engadget reached out to Google, Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi to ask when they were rolling out fixes to Android devices and why it was taking so long.As sam mobile Note that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series devices and the company’s Snapdragon-powered phones are not affected by these vulnerabilities.

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