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GTA Online Taxi Work jobs

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GTA Online’s Taxi Work mission was added to the game as part of the ongoing Los Santos Drug Wars DLC’s Drip Feed content. These new jobs allow players to grab a cab and start a side business within the chaotic world of Los Santos. Rockstar Games also introduced the Taxi Work Rewards concept. This gives everyone a reason to work in this business.

Done right, it can be a reliable source of serious income from helping NPCs throughout the game. This article is a guide for those who want to start their GTA Online taxi job this week.

A step-by-step guide to maxing out cash on missions and jobs in GTA Online Taxi Work

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As you can see in the helpful video above, the GTA Online Taxi Work mission can be a serious money-making opportunity within the game. Until February 8, 2023, rock star offers unique rewards for engaging in this side hustle.

Here’s how to start a taxi job in GTA Online without investing any money.

  1. Go to Downtown Cab Co. in the East Vinewood area of ​​the map.
  2. Step on the yellow corona to enter the building.

If you follow the steps above, you’ll spawn inside a rented cab and start side hustling right away.Earn cash and RP per ride, plus the chance to win Taxi Work rewardHere’s how to claim your bonus:

  • Complete 1 Taxi Job – Earn $100,000
  • Win a total of $20,000 in sessions – $100,000
  • Win a total of $40,000 in sessions – $100,000 and a Mustard vinyl jacket

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That’s not all. player On Xbox Series X/S and PS5, you can also earn additional rewards by meeting the following conditions:

  • Earn $20,000 Taxi Job – Get Manor Geo Track Pants
  • Earn $40,000 from taxi job – Get the Manor Geo hoodie and cap

Here’s how much players can earn on each trip during these missions:

basic salary

  • $100-$120 – less than 2 km
  • $120-$140 – 2 km to 3 km
  • $140-$160 – 3 km to 4 km
  • $160-$180 – 4km to 5km
  • $180-$200 – 5km to 6km
  • $200-$250 – 6km+

chip money

  • $1,010-$2000 – 0-1 trip
  • $2,000 – each ride after counting 10 rides in a session

Each trip takes 3-4 minutes, so you can easily make money by becoming a taxi driver in Los Santos and Blaine County.

What else should players know about GTA Online Taxi Jobs?

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The GTA Online Taxi Work is a Freemode Job that can be run at any time. game, regardless of session type. Instead of renting a cab from Downtown Cab every time, you can also purchase a private cab from Warstock Cache and Carry for $650,000 to $487,500. This allows you to start taxi missions directly from your vehicle.

To stop working as a taxi Missions require you to hold down the button/key used to enter the car. There are 100 pick-up locations throughout Southern San Andreas. That might be reason enough to make these taxi work jobs, as players get to drive to the least visited corners of the game.

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