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Guide to Elise jungle in League of Legends season 13

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Elise is a League of Legends champion and one of the hardest jungle champions to master, so the game’s meta fluctuates.

Elise is arguably one of the most aggressive champions in the jungle. She is a ferocious and agile jungler who specializes in dispatching enemy champions with swift and deadly attacks. Her playstyle centers around her unique ability to morph between human and spider forms, which dramatically increases her power and stats.

She’s also one of League of Legends’ most interesting and adaptable champions due to her ability to change into spider form. Elise is a powerful mage with a variety of skills that can influence the game and confuse enemies in her human form. Transform into a vicious melee combatant who can frighten you.

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champion deserves attention high erotic Because of her high skill cap, only talented and seasoned players can fully master her. Her kit is mostly suited to experienced League of Legends players, so she doesn’t do well with low Eros.

Elise stands out in the current League of Legends meta. professional play very clear. She constantly puts pressure on the map and can be a big threat. This is her one of the main reasons why this champion is played so often.

With that in mind, this article Detailed guide Elise Jungle from League of Legends Season 13.

League of Legends Season 13 Elise Jungle Runes, Itemizations, and Gameplay Guide

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Elise embodies the essence of League of Legends with her unique kit, powerful abilities, and terrifying design.She’s a lot of fun to play with, but she’d rather not stand in line Ranked Stay with her until you gain a lot of experience.


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Elise is dark harvest As for her runes, rune composition. In Season 13 of League of Legends, this composition is likely the best rune pair at the moment, so she decided to use Domination as her main rune and Precision as a secondary to maximize her jungle. can be controlled to

Since Elise’s abilities already allow her to destroy League of Legends opponents, targeting enemy champions with less than 50% Health permanently increases Dark Harvest’s damage by 5, thus Dark Harvest fits her style of play.

Additionally, the Rune Tree of Domination is cheap shotdeals additional true damage while attacking enemy champions who are immobilized.

Her E (cocoon) ability in human form stuns her opponent, so it works well with her kit. Additionally, access to Eyeball her collection combined with Treasure Her Hunter stacks her extra damage and is beneficial for snowballing in League of Legends.

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Precision Rune Tree, on the other hand, grants access to Triumph as a secondary rune. This is very useful in clutch team fights as he has 10% health recovery per takedown. moreover, Killing Blow Helps Eris deal more damage to enemies and can destroy League of Legends enemies rapidly.

Elise Dark Harvest rune setup (Image via Riot Client)
Elise Dark Harvest rune setup (Image via Riot Client)

Primary Rune (Domination)

Dark Harvest – Cheap Shot – Eyeball Collection – Treasure Hunter

Secondary rune (precision)

Triumph – The Finishing Strike

Itemization and Jungle Pets

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Elise’s itemization is mostly focused on snowballing as much as possible. This is because she’s the League of Legends champion and her scaling doesn’t work.

Elise is one of the key champions to benefit from early Dark Seal purchases, as her snowball playstyle complements this item nicely. This is followed by her two most important items, Knight her Harvester and Shadow Flame, which can blow up enemies.

The rest of the build will be determined by the state of the match and the composition of the opposing team, but will primarily focus on AP items such as Zhonya’s Hourglass, Deathcap, and Void Staff.

  • sorcerer’s shoes
  • Night Harvester (Core Mythic Item)
  • Shadow Flame (Core Legendary Item)
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • death hat
  • Wand of Void

jungle pets

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Elise benefits the most from two swipe options: the red swipe (Scorchclaw Pup) and the blue swipe (Gustwalker Hatchling). Both are ideal for Elise and may be acquired based on the enemy team’s composition.

scorch claw pup If you have a lot of skirmishes and duels, this smite is a better choice as it regularly imbues you with the next devastating effect, slowing and damaging your opponent’s champion.

ghastwalker chickOn the other hand, this smite grants additional movement speed, making it more suitable when the enemy team consists of mobile champions.


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Elise’s Q (Neural Theft) is a powerful spell that deals magical damage to enemies while healing her for the amount of damage dealt. Her W (Volatile Spiderling) ability spawns a spider ring that deals damage to her enemies, and her E (Cocoon) ability is a ranged stun that can be used to confuse enemy abilities and set kills for her team. is.

When Elise transforms into her spider form, she gains access to a whole new set of powers. Her Q (Venomous Bite) ability is a devastating melee attack that deals physical damage while also poisoning enemies to slow them down and damage them over time.

Elise’s W (Skittering Frenzy) is an active ability that increases her attack speed and movement speed, making her a dangerous early to mid-game threat.

Elise’s E (rappelling) ability allows her to target a specific location and fly to it. This makes her one of the few League of Legends champions in the game, allowing her to traverse otherwise impenetrable terrain.

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One of Elise’s key combinations is starting in human form and gaining the E (cocoon) and W (volatile spider ring) abilities before switching to spider form. Following this, approach the enemy in melee range and perform her W (Skirting Frenzy) and her Q (Venomous Bite).

Elise is one of the best ganking champions, so the theoretical jungle route for level 3 is blue buff-gromp-red buff or red buff-gromp-blue buff.

While ganking, it’s best to be aware of the game’s wincons and paths to lanes.

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If you can’t gank lane, your best option is to break into the enemy jungle and try to kill them. Because Elise is one of the best early-mid game jungler girlfriends in League of Legends.

As Elise, maintaining the tempo of the game is very important and when possible, incursions, ganks, and even tower dives pose great danger to enemy champions.

Despite her unique kit, Elise is no champion for the faint of heart. It means that there is always room for improvement.

EliseOn the other hand, is also a game-changer if played right, unnerving opposing teams with her control abilities and taking down key League of Legends targets with burst damage. She makes her the ultimate ‘JGL DIFF’ champion.

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