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Guide to jungle pets in League of Legends pre-season 2023

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A new League of Legends item, the Jungle Pet, was added to the game with the 2023 preseason.

This article provides a quick guide on: dense forest Pets, their abilities, and the exact role they play in League of Legends.

Each pet has its own unique capabilities, which can be reached by understanding their individual abilities player Some advantages within Summoner’s Rift.

More on Jungle Pets in League of Legends Preseason 2023

Before proceeding with the discussion of specific jungles pet, it is important to cover general concepts about these companions. These pets aren’t just for show, they offer unique combat options while assisting the player in every way possible.

Various General Benefits Jungle Pets Offer league of legends As follows:

  • Companions will attack targets where the owner is engaged. These pets attack once per second, dealing 20 (+4% bonus HP) (+10% AD) damage.
  • These pets heal their owners at approximately 70% of the numbers provided in the aforementioned points.
  • If the owner attacks the jungle camp from a distance, the companion will jump towards the jungle camp and deal the same damage as above.
  • Jungle pets also provide equal mana regeneration to their owners. [(8* percent missing mana) * (level/1.3) *0.1] in the jungle

So it’s clear that they’re very valuable when it comes to clearing jungle camps while keeping their owners healthy. clear speed Especially after the various health buffs provided to Jungle Camp along with the 2023 preseason.

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league of legends jungle pet evolution

League of Legends jungle pets are similar to Pokémon. In other words, you need to take care of them and evolve them in order to improve their combat abilities.

The only known way to evolve a companion is to offer treats. Here are the different ways you can get treats in-game:

  • Large Monsters/Champions Takedown Offers 1 Reward
  • Jungle pets accumulate 1 bonus treat every 60 seconds until they reach their final form
  • Jungle pets save one bonus treat every 90 seconds after reaching their final form.
  • Killing a large monster with bonus treats available will reward the player with 2 treats and 50 bonus gold.

However, as mentioned in the first line, pet evolution also helps to strengthen pets. Let’s see how these pets grow as they evolve through different stages.

first evolution

  • Players do 900 true damage with smite against monsters
  • Smite can also be used on enemy champions, dealing about 80-160 (based on level) true damage and slowing movement speed by 20%.
  • Jungle items will still remain in the player’s inventory
  • smite continues to evolve
  • Jungle pets are visually upgraded

final evolution

  • Players now do 1200 true damage with smite
  • The player also deals 50% of smite damage as an area attack to nearby small monsters in the camp.
  • Players are enhanced based on their chosen companion

So it’s clear that evolving Jungle Pets has some serious advantages. It also means that taking the lead in the jungle is important, as the more camps players clear, the closer they get to the final evolution of their pet.

League of Legends Jungle Pet Types

There are three types of Jungle Pets in League of Legends: Mostompers, Scorchclaws, and Gustwalkers.Each of these has its own strength and unique playstyle.

most thumper

Most Thomper’s abilities are:

  • Players gain 75-330 shields when jungle monsters are killed or incapacitated for 10 seconds. Shields remain indefinitely.The player gains 20% tenacity and immunity from all forms of throws as long as the shield is present
  • Protection: Players take 30% less damage from monsters while they are within 1300 units of at least 2 allies.

So, based on the description, it’s clear that the Mosstomper is for players looking to hit the frontline or frontline. tank For teams in combat.

scorch claw

Scorchclaw’s abilities are:

  • Scorchclaw gains Ember stacks at a rate of 3 every 0.5 seconds, or 100 stacks when monsters are killed. Once Scorchclaw reaches 100 stacks, his next attack on an enemy deals burn damage while slowing enemies and other enemies within a 250 radius by 30%.
  • Protective Buff: Same as Mosstomper

So it’s clear that Scorch Claw is worth it for junglers who want to be the damage dealer for their team.

Gust Walker

Ghastwalker abilities are:

  • Players gain 45% movement speed while in bushes, decaying over 2 seconds after leaving bushes. Killing a large monster increases the player’s movement speed by 60% of his.
  • Protective Buff: Same as Mosstomper and Scorchclaw

Gustwalker is therefore valuable for players in League of Legends focused on ganking other lanes and being active around the map.

So it’s clear that the Jungle Pets feature adds quite a bit of variety to the game. It helps you evolve faster.

of fight Pets have immense potential in League of Legends, but they’re useless at low levels.

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