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How To Catch And Evolve Eevee In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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A fire attribute Eevee that appears in Terra Raid Battles.

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Unlike previous games, Pokemon main series, scarlet When violet Fan-favorite Eevee is now much harder to catch. Eeveelutions octets have never been more difficult to evolve, as they only spawn in a few small areas and have a very low spawn rate.But this weekend, the game’s First Terra Raid Battle Event It should be much easier to catch Brighter.

Otherwise, if you want an Eevee, you’ll have to head to Area 3 in the West State, Area 2 in the South State, or any path in between. pokemon league. However, it was announced that Eevee Spotlight will be appearing in the Terra Raid Battle event this weekend after Thanksgiving.

Starting today, Friday From 11:00 a.m. on the 25th Until Monday 28th at 10:59am, Eevee is much more likely to appear in Terra Raid Battles. Terra Raid Battles are triggered by approaching a large glowing crystal that shoots a huge beam of light into the sky. Not only that, you can collect a lot of different Terra-type Eevee. In other words, Eevee transitions from Normal type to one of the other 19 types.

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One small caveat, but not a major one. Your Switch must be connected to the internet long enough to download the latest Poké Portal News in order for the game to trigger a Raid Battle Event. This will automatically download if you are already online. No, it has nothing to do with paid online Switch subscriptions, so don’t worry. All free.

Once you have Eevee, you’ll start thinking about evolving it into eight different forms. (All my hopes for a ninth Pardean Eevee seem to have been dashed.) Here are some handy tips for getting all eight Eevee.

Flareon: Give the fire stone to Eevee.

Glacia: Give the ice stone to Eevee.

Jolteon: Give the Thunderstone to Eevee.

Leafeon: Give Leafstone to Eevee.

Vaporeon: Give the Water Stone to Eevee.

Espeon: i need you Make sure that Eevee’s Friendship is high and you don’t know Fairy’s tricks before evolving. during the day.

Umbreon: It is friendly again, does not learn fairy movements, and evolves at night.

Silveon: Again, high friendship, but check it this time do Know the movements of fairies and evolve them day and night.

When combined with Terra Battle’s Terra Type, Unbelievably complicated! Good luck!

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