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How to crouch and prone in Warzone 2

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With Warzone 2 only a few days out, players are already lining up to load up and drop it on Al Mazrah. In true battle royale fashion, players arrive on the island alone or in groups and compete to be the last one standing.

While surviving in Al Mazra and battling enemies and invasion zones, the player must employ different tactics to survive. One of his most underrated tactics in Warzone 2 is effective movement.

Everyone understands how to quickly move from one place to another. However, many players overlook the fact that they can adopt certain stances while moving. These stances often increase the chances of players sneaking past or ambushing enemies.

How to crouch or lie on your stomach in Call of Duty Warzone 2?

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Crouching and prone are two very important stances in Warzone 2 or Battle Royale for that matter. Players usually do this while hiding behind walls or other structures to avoid being shot by enemy bullets.

The act of lying flat on the ground is called prone. This stance allows you to move unnoticed under tall grass and objects. But how do you crouch and lie on your stomach in Warzone 2?

To crouch in Warzone 2, simply press the CTRL button on PC, the Circle button on PS, and the B button on Xbox. This will make the character sit down and crouch. To go prone, players simply hold down this button. The keybinds above are the default keybinds for the game. However, these can be edited from within the in-game settings menu.

Which is more important, squatting or prone?

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This is a difficult question to answer. player Do not squat or lie on your stomach unless the situation calls for it. Crouching or prone while moving from cover to cover is not recommended as crouching or prone will greatly reduce your movement speed.

On the other hand, shooting while crouching or prone improves accuracy. It also makes it more difficult for enemies to detect the player, making these two stances of his vital to victory in Warzone 2.

You can now annoy the entire lobby by crouching or prone. Players have created a new technique called “”.G walkingIt’s not a bug, but the movement technique makes it very difficult for enemies to hit you with a shot or two because you’re constantly moving.

There are many strategies that players can use safety victory in matchSquatting or prone is not particularly important, but it is necessary and should be used whenever the situation calls for it.

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