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How to easily obtain the Peng Treasure in Dead Space remake?

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Peng Treasure is one of many things that the Dead Space remake has kept well from the original release. Motive Studio and EA have successfully recreated his 2008 version, leading to the birth of a new franchise. Many players love what this remake version has to offer because it retains its originality.

The Dead Space trilogy has become a famous trilogy in the horror game genre. However, Motive Studio has made some specific changes.

One of them has to do with the repositioning of Peng Treasure, which is no longer exactly in the same place. This can make it difficult to find some Dead Space Remake players who rely on prior knowledge of the classic release. However, following the steps outlined in the next section will definitely make finding the treasure easier.

Dead Space Remake Players are in the Peng treasure location very early in the game but are unable to find it

Similar to the classic release, the Dead Space remake transports players to the ISS Ishimura. Isaac Clarkebegins a terrifying journey. The campaign is divided into various chapters, which players progress from one to the next.

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as a side note, Peng Treasure It is located in the location the player visits in Chapter 1. However, there are pitfalls, as the player does not have immediate access to the treasure.Despite being relatively in the right place, you have to wait until chapter 11 Finally access the item.

The main focus for the player is completing the previous part of the story. No rocket science. All someone has to be careful is not to miss the exact location. Due to the nature of quests, they are irreversible in Dead Space Remake.

  • Advance the campaign to Chapter 11.
  • Return to the Chapter 1 area from where you started your journey.
  • At this level you should reach the cargo bay area.
  • Wait until the ‘Engage the Cargo Crane’ objective appears. This will start the required quest.
  • Get on the cargo lift and go down to the lower floor. This is a linear course of action as it is the only course of action that can be taken at this point.
  • Turn left immediately after exiting the elevator.
  • There are some boxes that can be removed using kinetic abilities.
  • Once the box is removed, you’ll find some locker storage and a Peng Treasure poster hanging on the side.
  • Open the locker on the left to find the Hoho. Get it and add it to your collection.

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Dead Space Remake players should obtain the above treasure at this point, as it cannot be obtained later in the game. Therefore, they must pass through the Cargo Bay to obtain the treasure before they leave the area.

Shaped like a woman and can be treasured in all mainstreams dead space gameIt can only be obtained once per playthrough, but can be repeated with new saves.

Players must complete certain achievements, and treasures can be sold for large amounts of credits.

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