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How to kill the Phantom Brute in the Dead Space remake?

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Dead Space Remake is a revamp of the original with all-new NextGen graphics, new characters, quests, changed enemies, a new gravity system, and even a new ending.

It follows the story of Isaac Clarke going to a mining spaceship called Ishimura, where he comes into contact with mutated human corpses.

He must ensure the safety of the other crew members while trying to uncover Ishimura’s secret.

Dead Space Remake is a horror game set in outer space where players carefully seek out resources and use them. survive Deal with enemies and other dangers.

One of these enemies is the fearsome Phantom Brute, which is difficult to entangle if the player doesn’t know it or have the tricks to defeat it. This guide teaches gamers how to deal with this particular monster.

Tricks to easily beat Phantom Brute in Dead Space remake

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Phantom Brute is mini boss You can encounter them at various stages of the game. They attack the player with incredible force and try to kill them. the player Stasis module to deal with this beast.

This can be found outside the central room that Isaac encounters in the first chapter, and at its charging point.

Gamers should keep their stasis modules charged for the toughest situations. These charging points can be found in various levels of Dead Space Remake.

It’s time to face off against one of the Phantom Brutes. As mentioned, they charge at the player, so it’s best to avoid this attack, along with all other aggressive maneuvers the beast may employ.

A particular kind of brute in the Dead Space remake spits acid if Isaac puts too much distance between them.

Its weak point is the monster’s back, but its agility makes it difficult to hit that point. This is where Stasis his module comes into play. This bulky-looking gun can significantly slow enemies down to a fraction of a second.

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If the Phantom Brute is slow, the player can quickly dash back and shoot with another weapon. They should all be equally effective. Do this a few times and the brute will die.

This strategy can be loosely applied to all Brutes in the game. Phantom variants only appear in New Game+, which is extremely difficult to deal with.

Apart from the above strategy, players will have to dodge monsters quickly, especially if Stasis runs out.

There are also other enemies with phantom variants.Players should keep an eye on them and be prepared to deal with them while progressing through New Game+. here For more guides, news and information about the game, visit .

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The Dead Space remake has received excellent reviews from critics and fans alike for being a great remake of the devoted space horror classic. The game is playable on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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