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iPad Fold plot thickens as foldable MacBook talk returns

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Rumors of an iPad Fold swirled again this week, but according to one display industry expert, Apple’s first foldable could be a MacBook.

Apple Principal Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said:positiveApple plans to launch the iPad Fold in 2024, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said, “We haven’t heard anything about a foldable iPad in 2024.”

Ross Young, of Display Supply Chain Consultants, later said he wasn’t sure about the possibility of a foldable iPad, but received word that there might be a flexible notebook in 2025.

He even speculated that Kuo’s information about the iPad Fold may have been planted by the company that makes the Perspective Hinge.

In a Twitter post, Young said, “I’ve heard about 20.5″ foldable notebooks in 2025, but I haven’t heard anything about foldable iPads in 2024. Perhaps this is good for the hinge company. It will be PR…” he said.

Kuo’s tweet on Monday suggested that the iPad Fold could have a carbon fiber kickstand for more durability and weight savings, which would be made by Annie Technology.

Young’s comments about the foldable MacBook are consistent with Gurman’s report from about a year ago. 20-inch foldable MacBook/iPad hybrid.

in him power on In a newsletter last February, Gurman wrote: I hear Apple is actually considering a dual-screen, foldable MacBook/iPad hybrid to take his second approach. It replaces the physical keyboard and trackpad, making it a full touchscreen base. “

The company is still believed to have the iPhone Fold in the pipeline, and with Apple looking to take full advantage of advances in flexible display technology, it may just be putting all its options on the table.

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