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Kuo: Periscope Camera Lens Will Remain Limited to iPhone 16 Pro Max Model in 2024

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2024 iphone According to Apple analysts, the 16 Pro Max (or Ultra if Apple has to change the iPhone naming scheme) will be the only one to get a high-end upgraded periscope camera with a new zoom feature next year. Stay an iPhone model Ming-Chi Kuo.

As has been rumored several times before, Apple will be limiting its periscope lens technology to something bigger this year. iPhone15 Probably because of the space required by the hardware. By keeping the periscope lens exclusive to the “iPhone” 16 Pro Max, Apple ensures that new features are introduced exclusively for one “iPhone” and then extended to additional “iPhone” models when next-generation devices are released. It breaks the tradition that there are many things to do.

Kuo’s information contradicts recent reports. Elekcalled the “Folded Zoom” periscope lens will be available On both next year’s iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

With a periscope lens, an angled mirror reflects light onto the camera’s image sensor. The directional shift enables a “folding” telephoto lens system, improving the blur-free optical zoom capability associated with digital zoom.

Periscope lens technology is already being used by Apple competitors such as Samsung, and the “iPhone 15” Pro Max could feature up to 6x optical zoom. iPhone 14 Pro model.

The iPhone Pro and Pro Max have offered similar features for the last few years, but battery life has become the main feature of the devices, aside from the display size. Limiting periscope zoom technology to the Pro Max can be frustrating for those who want the latest technology but he doesn’t mind the large 6.7-inch size.

Rumor has it that Apple is adding even more features to the larger 6.7-inch “iPhone 15” and “Pro Max,” so it could be called the “iPhone 15” Ultra instead. apple watch ultra.

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