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Marvel’s Avengers Spokesperson Loses Role Over Offensive Tweets

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Promotional shots of Marvel's Avengers, including Black Panther and Hawkeye, stood in front of a red glowing menace.

image: crystal dynamics

This is a story as old as Twitter itself. People say stupid and offensive things in the past, people rise to prominence, old tweets are dug up, people apologize, the internet holds court. The whole performance was done again. This time around, we have a spokesperson for Crystal Dynamics and the lead of his design for the game. Marvel’s AvengersBrian Wagoner.

As rock paper scissors shotgun reporta series of old tweets by Wagoner were unearthed over the weekend, and today he apologized and Crystal Dynamics followed up, saying how disappointed they were and that they were usurping Wagoner’s spokesperson position. We’re probably hoping that goes away as everyone involved is now following a predetermined script.

Wagoner’s tweets from about 2010 to about 2016 (during which time he worked at Marvel and Gazillion) were pretty grim. At least one person who relies on lazy and racist stereotypes,another just ridicule the disabled. but, Others just seem like brazen dog whistle racism.

As is often the case, Wagoner reports a complete change in personality afterward. These historical messages from six distant years ago are now irrelevant given his reformed methods. “Over the weekend,” he explained In a statement on his ongoing Twitter account“An old tweet I wrote before spending time at Crystal has resurfaced. I apologize and take full responsibility for the hurt I caused my followers, the community, and the people I work with.”

A standard apology follows. For those who are not convinced, he adds: I will continue to listen, learn, and strive to improve myself. “

Crystal Dynamics then followed upsaid:

It is extremely disappointing to see employee words and views that are not aligned with our studio values. Brian is no longer the spokesperson for the studio, nor is he communicating with the studio about the project.

See, you don’t need my opinion on this. You already have your own, so honestly this feels like a story we’ve already written 300 times. But hey, I still have an opinion.

What I hate about all and every aspect of this is that none of it is true. on either side.

These scripted ‘apologies’ are designed to save face, cover all the bases, and ‘draw a line under it’, but really feel sorry for anyone.it’s empty, it’s performant, it’s the only oneFooling people who stick to the corporate mentality that writes them.

At the same time, Waggoner’s tweet didn’t cause immeasurable hurt to the wider community. They were silly, bigoted comments that were then ignored (one of his ‘likes’ and one of his retweets), and now in online courts (perhaps justifiable to) seems to be used again as evidence to denounce him. Those who pretend to have finally dropped this tyrannical threat from his campaign of hate are ludicrously dishonest, and it is equally deceptive for Wagoner to “apologize” as if it happened.

Crystal, too, throws nonsense about “languages ​​and views” that “do not align with our studio’s values,” as if the corporate entity itself is some kind of moral creature, suggesting ideal values. has the purely driven platonic perfection of Have you noticed that? All companies are morally impeccable and need not state how, instead allowing individuals to assume that means their values ​​are willing to align with their company’s.A company person provokes anger, at which point this vague whiteness adapts It is notand everyone is asked to assume that this anomaly of perfection has been cleared.

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People say and do stupid things. People look bad and tell bad jokes. I know because I know we all do. Even the most obscene arousal advocates have silly thoughts, say things they regret, or wish to keep what they said once private forever. Sometimes people are surrounded by people just like them to the point where they lose sight of how terrifying such things sound when they speak out publicly on social media. Later it comes back to bite them in the butt. And you should!

I just hope people will react I was honest. “Oh my God, yeah, I was really a dick, right? Damn, I really need to think before I speak.” Sure, Wagoner could be reformed in this particular case, but the idea that the views we had last Tuesday don’t reflect us today is so annoying. Otherwise it will catch up.

And no one is there to say “I’m sorry”. It always comes with caution and justification, and most often includes the word “apology” as well. Actions instead of feelings, semiotic differences that externalize procedures instead of speaking from the heart. It seems like the most difficult word.

Oh, and let us not forget the Braying Gallery. “He hasn’t been fired!” We damn well have no clue if he deserves to be fired or if he’s the recent and forever champion. stop pretending that he cares about you never heard of A person who said things that you didn’t realize 10 years ago can still have a job today. All people want is no more aggression, and the idea that the ignorant public would claim that this guy’s head somehow achieves this is ridiculous. Krystal should fire him if he likes. And don’t act like you know what’s best in every situation.

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