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Mazda RX-7 Barn Find Gets First Wash And Detail In 23 Years

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To this day, the RX-7 is probably the most famous vehicle Mazda has ever built. Produced from 1992 to his 2002 third generation sports car, he is one of the most exciting production cars of the 1990s. Mazda now makes new parts and components for those looking to restore his old RX-7, but if you can find the original with low mileage, this is certainly a good option. I can’t think of a better preserved example than the one shown in the video above.

This nearly 30 minute clip WD detailing channel on Youtube He shows off a 1994 RX-7 that has been in his garage since 1999. The story of this car is very interesting and we are very pleased that it is receiving attention from his detailing specialists. The car’s owner bought it new, but was intimidated by its power and speed, and drove it only about 8,800 miles before putting it in the garage. Everything is completely original and requires a very detailed wash and detail.

The steps I’m going to show you in this video are not uncommon. It all starts with an exterior high pressure cleaning, followed by a more in-depth cleaning with special chemicals, a clay bar procedure, and a full paint restoration and polishing. The same level of attention was given to the interior, with some parts dismantled for easier access to dirty zones.

result? Well, this could very well be one of the brightest RX-7s we’ve ever seen, and the truth is that it’s almost in concours condition. No need to. As soon as the car starts moving and brakes, the rust is gone. Please let us know what you think. Original mileage on this RX-7 he had 8,800 miles and what is the current price?I don’t know if it will be for sale anytime soon but the owner has been sitting in his garage for over 20 years So I don’t think I will start driving right now.

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