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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries DLC ‘Rise of Rasalhague’ announced

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the publisher fireshine game and developer piranha game Have announced MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Downloadable content “Rise of Rasalhague”. On January 26, 2023 he will be available for $14.99.

Here’s an overview of the downloadable content: steam page:


Join Colonel Mansdottir and the people of Rasalhag in their fight for freedom and independence from the Great House in 12 new mission quest lines in a conflict that predates the formation of the Star League. “Rise of Rasalhague” adds Crusader’s Mech chassis with 10 variants, and the new Rival Mercenaries feature allows you to interact with many other mercenary companies and his infamous Bounty Hunter.

Main function

  • “Rise of Rasalhague” Campaign
    • Witness the rise of the free Rasalhague Republic firsthand in 12 new mission quest lines.
  • New Crusader class
    • “Rise of Rasalhague” adds the Crusader’s ‘Mech Chassis with 11 variants, including a hero “Crael” variant with melee weapon capabilities.
  • The inner sphere is more alive than ever
    • A rival mercenary company is now active in the Inner Sphere.
    • Working in areas garrisoned by rival mercenary companies can lead to friendly or hostile intervention during missions.
    • Notorious Bounty Hunters can provide information on rival mercenaries for valuable rewards.
    • experience Exciting and dynamic missions in the new Infiltration game mode.
  • free game updates
    • Various major improvements to AI performance and behavior.
    • A redesigned Mechhanger lets you expand your active Mech roster.
    • Many quality of life improvements make your gameplay experience even more enjoyable.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is now available PlayStation 5, Xbox series, PlayStation 4, Xbox OneWhen computer via vapor, Epic Games StoreWhen Gog.

“Rise of Rasalhague” official website here.

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