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Modern Warfare 2 gun is selling online on eBay as players find it too hard to unlock

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Most of the weapons available in Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode are also available outside of desert towns. However, the M13B Assault Rifle is not only rare, DMZ.

Unsurprisingly, this led to a huge spike in demand, with some even selling weapons on eBay.the news is euro gamerfirst found the product listed on the e-commerce platform.

Screenshot of M13B listing (image via eBay)
Screenshot of M13B listing (image via eBay)

Modern Warfare 2 players turn to eBay for the elusive M13B assault rifle

Players can obtain the M13B Assault Rifle by defeating the Chemist in the game’s DMZ mode, but the character is difficult to find. Weapons are hard to come by with a full squad due to the difficulty of the challenge. Additionally, a successful extraction becomes more difficult if the player does not play in a squad.

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This is where some players come in as sellers, offering an easier way. Sellers initiate matches with potential buyers and give them weapons. All the buyer needs to do is extract himself well and hold the gun.

The M13B Assault Rifle is scheduled to arrive later in Modern Warfare 2 and is rumored to be part of the bundle. Given the typical cost of a bundle, eBay prices may seem relatively cheap for the value.

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modern warfare 2 Some heavy packages were introduced when it came to in-game guns. FPS titles already offer a huge number of options, and future updates will bring new options to players. No two weapons tend to have the same stats, but some weapons are used more than others.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2’s new DMZ mode is a great addition

inspired by Escape from TarkovDMZ Mode is a PvEvP feature added as part of Warzone 2. This mode is still in beta stage, but its various features make it very popular with our player base.

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DMZ mode is essential for players for two big reasons: XP and guns. By completing objectives and looting cash, Modern Warfare 2 players can increase their Battle Pass tokens and unlock various rewards. A successful extraction also allows the player to keep all guns picked up in the game.

This mode is very flexible as it is ideal for all types of players. Those who want simple missions can jump in and out quickly, but those who prefer long games also have a lot to do. What new content is added to the mode, modern warfare 2 in the next few days.

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