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‘Overwatch 2’ Is Closing Out Season 2 With A Week-Long Double Match XP Event

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only one week left overwatch 2 season two. This means that if he hasn’t unlocked all the rewards in the Battle Pass yet, he won’t have much time to do so. Blizzard is helping you out a bit by offering Double Match XP until February 6th.


If you’re using the Battle Pass premium track, we recommend reaching level 80 to ensure you’ve secured the Zeus Mythic Skin for Junker Queen. I like it so much that I unlocked it on both accounts, so I’m looking to level up more and get at least some prestige titles.

Note that Double XP does not apply to challenges, only XP earned from playing and winning matches. Still, the bonus should give you a little boost and help you rush through the Battle Pass tiers faster.

Forbes detailsOverwatch 2 lets you easily unlock Overwatch 1 skins for free


Season 3 is scheduled to start on February 7th. Some hero balance changes are being made, Including RamatraTeam 4 is also easier for players to use get rewards Restoring credits will allow new players to collect skins and other cosmetics more smoothly. Overwatch 1.

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