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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet’s 10 Million Copies Sold In Three Days Breaks Every Nintendo Record

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are marred by technical issues and suffer from the series’ low critic and user review scores, but the game is also… an absolute selling monster, and the best the series has ever been in terms of player interest. It shows that it is stronger than

Nintendo is announced Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sold 10 million copies in the first three days, double the just-announced 5.1 million sold. War God Ragnarok This was a Sony record. Not only did Scarlett and Violet break every record Nintendo has for best-selling games, but it’s also true for exclusive games across the industry.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are:

  • The fastest-selling Pokemon game in history.
  • Fastest selling Switch game ever.
  • The fastest-selling Nintendo game of all time.
  • The fastest-selling console game of all time on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

If 10 million copies were sold, assuming a price of about $60, that would be $600 million in weekend sales. That’s his $800 million weekend sales for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 announced a few weeks ago, series records, and Grand Theft Auto 5’s $1 billion under all-time record. More shy than dollar opening weekend sales. … duplicated up to GTA 6. But yes, you might think it’s even more impressive what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have done here. one platformthese other games typically launched on two generations of Xbox and PlayStation, with Modern Warfare 2 also having PC sales at launch.

It’s a bit of a frustrating situation for fans, but a common complaint is that Nintendo and Game Freak need to realize they have to stop pumping out these games at such a fast pace. Technical chaos at a level never before seen in the history of the series. While the core game remains a lot of fun, Scarlet and Violet suffer from terrible performance issues, ugly visuals, and hilariously tragic bugs. But breaking nearly every record in a video game at launch doesn’t seem like a “take these lessons to heart” moment, doing exactly what they’ve been doing and continuing at the pace they’ve been doing. It seems like a green light to go. is doing.

It’s unclear what the fate of the game will be, or how much it will be modified over time. Because there isn’t, a lot of the jerky parts of the game can stay there.

Due to the poor technical condition of Scarlett and Violet, Next Generation of Pokémon games, I understand the logic. This is an IP monster that has dominated the video game industry for almost a decade and a half, and we can see it going stronger than ever.

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