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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Are Fastest-Selling Nintendo Games Ever

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The gym leader winks at the Pokémon's unflappable success.

image: The Pokémon Company

Where there are cute and lovely Pokemon, there is always a way. Despite the few-Thatn-great reviews and lots of performance hitches and bugs, pokemon scarlet When violet It broke sales records since Nintendo Switch, selling 10 million copies in its first weekend alone.

“This is the highest number ever sold worldwide and domestically in the first three days of software release for all Nintendo game consoles, including the Nintendo Switch,” Mario Maker revealed. press release late wednesday. Although it sold about 4 million copies in Japan alone, 6 million came from abroad.

To give you an overview of the numbers, the last mainline entry in the series is pokemon sword When shieldonly sold 2 million copies in the first two daysThey are currently fifth best-Suggests it has ever sold games on Switch scarlet When violet You may even overtake them and eventually unseat Animal Crossing: New Horizons When Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

while being part of scarlet When violet‘s record-breaking success undoubtedly had something to do with how many Switches Nintendo sold in the three years that followed. sword When shieldthe fact that they are now the fastest –Selling previously released games on Nintendo platforms such as Wii and DS milestone.

Also, the game objectively rough performance, and the glitch going viral on social media doesn’t seem to have had any impact on their pitch.fan is i’m still playing crazy of these gamestimes Cyberpunk 2077 level bugs and performance issuesThere was speculation that it was widely criticized, and there was certainly hope on the part of some longtime players. Problem of scarlet When violetboth released within a year of Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl remake and Pokemon Legends: Arceuslikely to keep GameFreak off the gas and give it more time between releases.

It seems increasingly unlikely.

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