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Pushing Buttons: Should GoldenEye 007 have stayed in the 90s? | Games

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T.2008’s nauseating sci-fi horror Dead Space is back with modern technology, and 1997’s first-person shooter game-changer GoldenEye 007 (pictured above) is here. nintendo switch and Xbox are somewhat lacking freshness.

Dead Space (pictured below) was not mine. But GoldenEye 007 brings back a lot of great memories for me, as it does for everyone who played games in the Nintendo 64 era. Look for Millennials with no memories of having fun, or Generation X who barely missed their college essay deadlines because of it.

With every new game like this, my first thought is always: On second thought, GoldenEye may be he one of the games I needed to play when it first came out.Loading Xbox Now I can’t help but become hypersensitive to the blockiness and claustrophobia of that environment, the strange movements and the almost creepy basic character model.

Nausea… dead space. Photo: Electronic Arts

All of these shortcomings were characteristic of the technological ingenuity of the time, allowing the game to run smoothly on consoles with 4MB of memory. But it still looks dated, albeit iconic. This was the case with so many groundbreaking games from the 1980’s, 90’s and early 00’s, and why re-releases can be such a risky business. Stripped of context, these games arrive in a future 100x better, where amazing technological innovation is the norm.

When it first released, the very idea of ​​a first-person shooter on consoles was ridiculous. Without a keyboard and mouse, how do you control it?Before GoldenEye, if you wanted to blow up your friends at a social gathering, set up his LAN using multiple his PCs and tangled wires I had to (or just play Bomberman). Halo: Combat Evolved (below), released in 2001, set the standard for console shooters and led to the dominant genre to this day, and GoldenEye was an important step along the way . How do you explain that to someone who has a cold in 2023? There’s no way to tell what this game is about meant.

Art derives its meaning not only from its form, but also from its context. Edvard Munch’s The Scream is a fascinating painting, all the more so when you realize that it was the beginning of Expressionism and traced its influence to the next century. Keep in mind that my feeling about early video games is that the medium is only about 50 years old. We must understand where they come from and be prepared to live with their constraints. It’s easier to appreciate the picture itself than old games with primitive graphics and intrusive controls.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition.
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. Photo: Microsoft

If you have a historian’s eye, or a coder’s eye, it’s more than that in some ways. It’s interesting to see that game designers, artists, and musicians in the past had little at their disposal, but it’s more interesting than seeing the gorgeous worlds that today’s powerful teams of hundreds of people create with enormous computing power. Interesting too. That Rare managed to create a working first person shooter for GoldenEye Jeez On the Nintendo 64 – not to mention what was actually fun – incredible. A lot of early game development was using the tools that amazingly talented people had to do miracles and create things that didn’t exist before they did.

I often think about how 20-somethings Veronika Megler and Philip Mitchell created the Hobbit world with text and basic graphics. 1982 ZX Spectrum.Megler said: It can be very powerful in itself. “

It is a rare retro game that can be played for over 20 years as it was when it first came out. The 1990s were also particularly difficult times. A game designer and artist, by his mid-10s he had perfected 2D game designs, but the early low polygons of 3D were difficult. Three dimensional. Even the GoldenEye, a classic of its time, now looks and feels pretty rough. But we can appreciate them through the right lens.

what to play

hi-fi rush.
A complete thrill… Hi-Fi Rush. Photo: Steam

We spent the night together this week hifi rush, the rhythm-action game from Tango Gameworks, creators of The Evil Within, had a surprise release last week and got me hooked. Imagine descendants of Jet Set Radio, Scott Pilgrim, Space Channel 5 and Devil May Cry Please give me. You play a nasty wannabe rock star transformed into a robot-destroying vigilante with mechanical arms on a mission to take down all the brilliant cadres of a sinister megacorp. Like modern heavy metal first-person shooters (Metal: Helsinger, BPM: bullets per minute), attacking and moving to the beat will do bonus damage, everything flows beautifully and the whole world pulsates to the rhythm to help you sink into the zone. The ridiculously stylish, lively cartoon art style put me in a happy place of nostalgic 00’s Japanese games.

Available on: Xbox and PC via Game Pass
Approximate play time: 10-12 hours

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question block

Silent Hill: HD Collection.
Silent Hill: HD Collection. Photography: Konami

A very pertinent question today comes from a regular reader Ian: seems to be increasing in number. remastered Versions of existing games such as Final Fantasy VII. We invest more in original small pixel figures, perhaps because we need to use our imaginations, than in “photorealistic” remastered characters. how about you

Isn’t it surprising that a bunch of black and white squares representing Charizard meant more to me than the beautiful, fully animated 3D creatures of current Pokémon games? I’m sure there’s something to be said for your imagination. Use the original art style, maybe clean it up a bit and start over, but don’t stray too far from the source material. Trying to modernize the visuals of an older game can really screw things up. HD collectiononly to find that a new developer had removed the town’s trademark oppressive fog. AstonishmentMeanwhile, Bluepoint’s unusual renovation Shadow of the Colossus I made everything look and feel like a new game without losing the mystery of the original.Now I actually like the new game better.As with any restoration, it’s a delicate art.

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