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Rode added a removable microphone to its headphones

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Rode has packaged the NTH-100 headphones with a headset microphone for broadcasting, streaming, and other voice manipulation, calling them the NTH-100M.

New detachable boom mic and required TRRS cable It’s for allowing the device to utilize the mic, but it’s a welcome addition to the crowded headphone space.

One of the features that made the NTH-100s stand out among other media production headphones is the double-sided cable attachment that plugs into either the left or right earcup. The clever modularity here allows the same cable port to accept a boom mic attachment and a new TRRS cable, allowing NTH-100 users to purchase these accessories ($69) instead of upgrading an entirely new unit. ) to purchase.

Rode says the mic attachment “provides broadcast-grade audio and is optimized for excellent plosive rejection.” In my experience, the mic quality is a great option for voice calls, gaming, and live streaming, and a good enough choice for some podcasting solutions. It has little to no sound, and overall it’s far better than most gaming headset mics I’ve heard.

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The proliferation of live streaming and podcasting has over the last few years inspired an array of audio gear designed for that category of users. The upgraded NTH-100M headphones are the latest addition to that market. Rode introduced its gaming product line last October, following the trend of other headphone companies leaning towards the design of their microphones. Already this year, Audio-Technica announced a model of his popular ATH-M50 with a built-in mic, and audiophile favorite Audeze is making its own gaming headset. confirmed.

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