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Rode’s first headset is aimed at creators and gamers

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ride only immersed in headphones Last year, the company was ready to announce its first headset.of NTH-100M It takes the familiar design of the NTH-100, but adds a detachable condenser mic. It’s too early to tell if the hardware is truly “broadcast grade,” as Rode claims, but you’ll get high-quality audio when chatting with teammates or hosting live streams. If you want a good reputation for their mics, that’s a sign. You can also buy the boom mic separately ( NTH mic) if you already have headphones.

Otherwise the design looks familiar. Rode claims the 40mm dynamic drivers are designed for precise frequency response with minimal distortion. If you need a neutral sound for your podcasts or video editing, the NTH-100M is perfect. He doesn’t have features like noise canceling or his Bluetooth, but the headset is surprisingly comfortable. After trying out the NTH-100, I found the cooling gel and other designs to be helpful for long listening sessions.

NTH-100M is Retail price is $189 That’s $50 more than the base headphones.If you already own an NTH-100, you can get the NTH-Mic $69 extraThis means that if you can hold up and have a mic available, the combo deal can save you $20. You can also buy and upgrade at any time.

The NTH-100M is also a unique product in the Road lineup. it is not part of the company Lord X Gaming Brandis clearly aimed at gamers and Twitch streamers as much as it is at musicians and podcasters.

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