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Samsung Galaxy S23 preorder reservations are ending, final discount call!

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This is the last recruitment Galaxy S23 Series pre-order pledge, Samsung fans!Buyers who plan to add up to $100 to store credit Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+Also S23 reservation privilege When the phone hits the tape, you can make a non-binding appointment now and decide later!

Like last year’s S22 series, the pre-order discount is $50, but this time you can get a Galaxy Book 3 laptop, a 3K OLED screen, discrete RTX graphics, and the latest Intel processor in the new Galaxy S23 line of phones. increase.

Samsung’s so-called pre-order gifts (up to $100) can be signed up for the next few days. Galaxy S23 February 1 unpacking event, should be stuck while pre-ordering. It can be applied to the price of accessories and services, but cannot directly reduce the price of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Galaxy S23 price remains the same

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price: $1199.99 (256GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ Price: $999.99 (256GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Price: $799.99 (128GB)

Speaking of pricing, in the US, the Galaxy S23 price is likely to stay the same despite the S23+ and S23 Utra doubling the base storage to 256GB. However, in Europe, the Galaxy S23 family will be more expensive than the previous generation.

Galaxy S23 pre-order benefits and bonuses

free set of Galaxy Buds Pro 2 For those who pre-ordered the Galaxy S23, S23+, or S23 Ultra early, noise-cancelling earbuds may be in store, just like last year when Samsung presented 2022 audio pride and joy.

However, there’s a free storage upgrade added, and it looks like you can also get a 512GB Galaxy S23 Ultra for the $1200 price for a 256GB unit. Before the generous trade-in offer that went up in price, and even more so with the S-line predecessor.

Here’s how much you’re likely to trade in your old Samsung smartphone in exchange for a Galaxy S23 Ultra, based on discounts Samsung made last year.

Galaxy S23 Ultra pre-order trade-in deal expected

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra $590
  • Galaxy S22+ $500
  • Galaxy S22 for $390
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra $440

Is the Galaxy S23 Upgrade Worth It?

The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s $1200 launch price hasn’t changed from last year, and it’s actually a pretty good deal if you’re upgrading from anything but the S22 Ultra.With a powerful new 200MP camera sensor and a unique overclocking Snapdragon 8 for the Galaxy chipset. Given the Gen 2 mobile platform..

Still, it’s worth jumping to the Galaxy S23 Ultra if you’re upgrading from the base 128GB S22 Ultra. That’s because it comes with 256GB from the start, and a free upgrade by Samsung quadruples the same base storage. Amount of money.

$590 off the trade-in price, the Buds Pro 2 cost $229.99, and if you throw in at least a $50 bonus for pre-ordering a case or fast charger, it’s basically a meager to a fully kitted one. You will pay $330. Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with 512GB to store new smooth 8K 30 FPS videos!

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