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Samsung Wants You to Put Generative Art on Your Refrigerator

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samsung today launch A new line of custom refrigerator art generated by generative AI. According to Samsung, the new collection was created by Matt Jacobson, an artist who “uses computer code like a paintbrush.” Using his computer algorithm, Jacobson created 100 generative art prints designed for bespoke refrigerators.

Generative art – art created using algorithms or, more recently, artificial intelligence – uses new tools such as OpenAI’s DALL-E to create visual images with just a few lines of text. It’s been making a lot of headlines lately because it creates stunning artwork for. I have seen many artists and companies, jump on An AI-powered art bandwagon, Samsung is arguably the first consumer electronics brand to embrace the generative art zeitgeist.

For Samsung, the move is an interesting way to capitalize on the latest technology trends. The Bespoke line allows customers to create custom refrigerator designs using mix and match panels, whether off-the-shelf designs or customer personalized designs. artwork and photosThe Bespoke line has received a lot of promotional love from Samsung over the past year or so, but the company has stepped back against the backdrop of its tech-focused Family Hub line. As we seem to tacitly admit, cutting-edge technology may be a great way to bolster a design-focused lineup, but the central focus of the refrigerator’s feature set is its winning suggestion.

The collection is available for a limited time and Download for free From today until February 13, 2023.

You can hear Jacobsen discuss the project in the video below.

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