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Sony Claims Xbox Game Pass Has Reached 29 Million Subscribers

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While Microsoft is finalizing its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the UK government is pushing ahead with its acquisition. transaction investigationIn a statement highlighting concerns over competition in the industry, Sony released its own take on the deal. It contains some interesting game pass figures.

An overview of Sony’s official correspondence, as spotted by @EvernbornSagathe company’s concerns about Microsoft’s “ability and incentives to dampen current and future competition in multi-game subscription services” as pointed out by the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) decision to refer to.

As part of Sony’s observations, Published in Octoberit claims:

“Game Pass has a significant lead over PlayStation Plus. Microsoft already has a sizable lead in multi-game subscription services. subscribers and is expected to grow significantly in the future – PlayStation Plus’ gaming subscription tier lags far behind, with [redacted] number of registrants”.

Sony’s “29 million subscribers” claim for Xbox Game Pass seems to be inconsistent with Microsoft’s previous reports. Gaming industry analyst on Twitter @DomsPlaying Note that 29 million Game Pass subscribers outnumber Microsoft Last update of 25 million subscribers earlier this year.

Sony names market data and analytics firm Ampere analysis, and PlayStation’s language indicates that Microsoft has already achieved its subscriber milestone with Game Pass. However, Piers Harding-Rolls, a researcher at Ampere Analysis games, points out that unless it’s a projection, that’s not the company’s current numbers. The reference comes from his Harding-Rolls GDC talk on the future of his streaming service.

Sony’s response raised several points from the CMA’s initial statement, including concerns that Activision’s content would be limited to Game Pass only. in October, Microsoft responded to UK agency criticismclaims it has “many significant shortcomings” compared to competitors like Sony.

The UK government launched an investigation earlier this year, after which Asked for Public Opinion on Xbox-Activision DealAround the world, other regulators have launched investigations into similar concerns about competition within the gaming industry.of European Commission We recently issued a statement about that investigation, U.S. Department of Justice investigated three investors for insider trading.

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