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Sony dunks on Battlefield series in Microsoft Activision merger bid

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Sony has accused EA’s Battlefield series in an argument against Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

of published documents As part of the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s review of a potential merger, Sony has argued that Call of Duty is “not replicable” and that no other game can match its success.

It then calls out the Battlefield series as a major rival, but states that the franchise “can’t keep up.”

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Escalation Gameplay Trailer

“Call of Duty is too entrenched for its rivals to keep up, no matter how well-equipped it is,” reads Sony’s statement.

“It has been the best-selling game for nearly every year for the past decade and by far the best-selling game in the first-person shooter genre. Other publishers have the resources and expertise to match its success. Is not …

“To give a concrete example, Electronic Arts, one of the largest third-party developers behind Activision, has been trying for years to create a rival to Call of Duty in the Battlefield series.

“Despite the similarities between Call of Duty and Battlefield, the Battlefield franchise just can’t keep up.”

Battlefield is arguably Call of Duty’s biggest rival, but the latest installment in the series hasn’t been well received by fans.

The third season of Battlefield 2042 is undergoing radical improvementshowever, the game suffered a disastrous launch.

Sony’s take on Battlefield isn’t the only eye-opening comment coming out of the recently released document.

To compete with Sony, Microsoft had to downplay the importance of the Call of Duty franchise. own statement – Promote Sony’s dominance across industries.

For example, Microsoft notes that Call of Duty consistently ranks higher in user polls and industry reviews compared to Sony’s results, and that Call of Duty “doesn’t encourage conversation on social media.” says.

moreover, Microsoft has admitted that Sony has exclusive games that are ‘many of quality superior’ to its own.

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