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Sony Honda EVs Want To Compete With Teslas With PS5 In The Car

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sony and honda are considering the integration of PlayStation 5 to the next step EVs, to be released under a new brand or joint venture. And in the relatively short time it’s been around now, Sony Honda Mobility managed to scare them both dealer And drivers like me are afraid of game consoles. car in motion can be represented. Sony and Honda say it’s possible for now. IGNbut given that many automakers are copy in a hurry TeslaSony Honda EV PS5 may be in development.

The idea is to allow gameplay possibly between Sony and Honda EVs are either stationary or operated while using automated driving capabilities, also known as ADAS.Izumi Kawanishi, president of Sony Honda Mobility, said that AV technology In the company’s roadmap, given Sony’s strength in the entertainment and gaming industry, the company plans to: Combine all this to your advantage.Kawaniexplained to financial times:

“Sony has content, services, and entertainment technologies that inspire people. We are adapting these assets for mobility, which is our strength over Tesla,” said the head of Sony’s AI robotics business. President Izumi Kawanishi, who has been here, said.

“Tesla does not provide content services,” he said, adding that it was “technically possible” to integrate the PlayStation 5 platform into Tesla cars.

Of course, the operative word here is PossibleIt’s unclear if the console will be integrated into the dashboard of the Sony Honda Mobility EV. Nor is that likely what the company describes. As the company talks about his PS5 platform, Full slot loading console. Even people who use discs anymore amirite?

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Because gaming shouldn’t be a design priority for automakers, whether it’s the PS5 or the games available on the platform. The idea is Honda’s aim Zero traffic fatalities by 2050.

As part of that effort, Honda We’re pushing a lot of safety technology, sure. ADAS technology Helps drivers of Honda cars and motorcycles avoid serious injury or death in traffic accidents. The problem is, Using ADAS to help someone avoid collisions, use it to help someone log in for hours Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are very different. I wonder what Honda thinks. Or if Honda isn’t considering an EV from a joint venture “Honda” vehicle.

Either way, I don’t think this is for safety.When that’s why IGN If you’re a passenger who just wants to play video games on your car’s console, the dashboard’s large screen flashes images, regardless of the arguments to the contrary. blue hedgehog A red echidna can be an easy distraction—in that case, steam deck Also nintendo switchLeave the PS5 at home.

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