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Tesla adds “Brake package: base” to Model S Plaid in-car display hinting at imminent release of Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit

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Tesla has updated Design Studio to correct the description of the upgraded brake package. model S The Model X Plaid now says it has upgraded brake pads instead of upgraded calipers. Perhaps more importantly for owners, the company has also updated the information displayed on the Model S Plaid’s in-vehicle display. carbon ceramic brake kit It may finally be released.

On January 5th, Tesla announced significant changes to the Model S and Model X. Add a round handle Standard on both flagship cars, the controversial yoke steering wheel can be selected as an option during the ordering process. In addition to the steering wheel changes, Tesla updated the wording of the Model S/X Plaid upgrade package to mention “higher thermal capacity brake calipers.” The change also brought back the red calipers, leading everyone to believe Tesla had indeed upgraded the calipers.

It turns out it wasn’t the calipers that got the upgrade after all. As discovered by a TMC forum member So Young Manas of Monday, the description says both the S and X Plaid have “higher thermal capacity brake pads” and has removed all mention of calipers.

But that wasn’t the only change Tesla made on Monday. This is due to the new addition to the ‘Additional Information’ screen on the in-vehicle display, which now shows ‘Brake His Package: Base’ for existing owners.This is a server-side change that does not require a software update to appear and was confirmed by one of our readers he @Endless Plaid who shared this photo with us.

With this addition, it seems that Tesla is about to release the long-awaited carbon-ceramic brake kit for the Model S Plaid. The $27,500 CAD/$20,000 USD accessory was originally added to the Tesla shop in late 2021, with a release date he said mid-2021. After that date has come and gone, the description has recently been reverted to “early 2023,” which is still the date we see on product listings. page.

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Tesla Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit has been added to the online shop

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