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The BMW 3.0 CSL is a 553 hp, 1-of-50 Tribute to BMW M’s Racing History

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The 50th anniversary of the BMW M received many compliments.there is restore paint color,be A new high water mark for the current BMW M4there is even New top-level sports car racer Challenge Daytona and Le Mans. It all culminates in this: the new 3.0 CSL, his one-fiftieth tribute to the brand’s first great performance car.

The new 3.0 CSL finally delivers what the company started 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept 2015, a modern interpretation of the ultimate form of the E9 Coupe. Originally his CSL was a homologation special modified grand tourer that finally spread his two wings on the road to better support the overall winning race car at Sebring in 1975 It was the modern prototype of his M designation.


Race ready CSL It was clever and overwhelmingly powerful, propelled to glory by Hans Stuck. Even after the team that became BMW M stripped away the silencers and other luxuries that marked the category, the Roadgoing Homologation Special was still a Grand Tourer. The wingless variant of the paired “Batmobile” is more elegant than aggressive. The modern design of his CSL leans towards racing cars, with prominent fenders and famously stacked wings working together on the roof and decklid.

The car still features the massive kidney grille you’d expect from a modern BMW, but its shape is reminiscent of the E9’s vertical grille, with yellow laser LEDs like those on the M4 GT3 racecar but the E9’s dual headlights. create a silhouette of The stripe coloring is not a return to the schemes the factory cars raced, but rather to how the race cars were painted when his original CSL was raced. Both paint and stripes are applied mostly by hand. According to BMW, there will be up to 134 additional paint processes per vehicle. The car’s roofline hints at a common architecture with the current M4, but BMW emphasizes that the car was developed entirely for his BMW M model. So it’s earned a place alongside the odd company. His two other M exclusive models, the only other in the company’s history, Original M1 supercar and the Upcoming XM SUV.

BMW 30 csl


Power comes from the same turbocharged in-line 6 as the current M4, but with output reaching a record 553 hp. BMW says the number is the company’s road-legal vehicle record. It also falls far short of the approximately 600 hp produced by an engine of the same family in the M4 GT3 race car. All 50 of his 3.0 CSLs have 6-speed manual transmissions. The car is only available with rear-wheel drive and the Active M differential can be locked up to 100%.

The price was not disclosed, but rumors from BMW Blog When the car was first teased, it suggested a price tag of almost $780,000. BMW only made 50 of these, so don’t expect them to remain on your local showroom floor.

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