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The hardest Tetris game ever, The Grand Master, is coming to Switch and PS4

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The tough arcade version of Tetris is being ported to home consoles for the first time since its release in 1998. Tetris: Grandmaster for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 1, as reported by famitsu (via VGC), and confirmed on Twitter by Arika itself.

Grand Master Known for a terrifyingly rapid increase in drop speed. This was the first Tetris game to reach instant gravity. This means that new tetrominoes will instantly appear at the bottom of the screen instead of falling. Lock it in place and you’ll see something else.

The game gets its title from a ranking system that grades players by ability through nine ranks up to Grandmaster.

Grand Master There have been several sequels, including spin-off games, Tetris: Grand Master Ace, appeared on Xbox 360 as a launch title for the console’s Japanese release. However, this will be his first home release of the original game.

Grand Master‘s reputation has made it a staple of the world’s top Tetris players in showcases such as Awesome Games Done Quick.check out this video If you want to know how fast the game can go. And if you thought Tetris was just Tetris and one version wasn’t all that different from another, Digital Foundry’s John Linnemann has a long and engaging video explaining Tetris. Full history of the series.

hamster released Tetris: Grandmaster As part of its huge Arcade Archives collection. Although so far only confirmed in Japan, most Arcade Archives releases have also appeared on store shelves in the West. Reissued every week. Grand Master Part of a double header celebrating the fact that Hamster has made over 300 classic games available this way. Another one of his games is his 1979 classic game. Galaxian.

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