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The Xbox 360 Controller is Back For Modern Consoles

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A Hyperkin Xenon controller floating above the Xbox Series X console.

We will never forget our first gaming console, but like the bond between newborns and parents, gamers and first gamers controller It makes you stronger and builds muscle memory that lasts a lifetime. And if your first console happened to be the Xbox 360, you might be thrilled to learn that Hyperkin is bringing it back with Xbox One and Series X|S compatibility.

in a movie like Electra, masked sonand Spielberg’s space warIn 2005, a year largely forgotten, the Xbox 360 came out, the first product to follow Microsoft’s foray into console gaming. The original Xbox was a stunning success, selling his 24 million units. Hello Get away from your Mac and dedicate yourself to your Xbox.But as Microsoft’s first-generation console, the Xbox was a bit clunky (it was like a gaming PC in a small box) and its The chunky controller is still a solid punchline When remembering the failures of the game industry.

The Xbox 360 was a sleeker console with a new controller with wireless capabilities and a design that was much easier to hold. It would more or less define the design of the Xbox controllers from 2005 onwards (and inform the designs of competing controllers), but it would seem similar to what is included in Microsoft’s latest gaming hardware. It looks like it, but anyone with an Xbox collection from the past probably knows that the 360’s controller isn’t natively compatible with the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

The new Hyperkin Xenon won’t suddenly make older Microsoft controllers work with newer hardware, but it will provide a more familiar gaming experience for Xbox 360 fans who have upgraded to Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. . An officially licensed Xbox product, Xenon is named after the codename of his Xbox 360 console from the first generation, but includes some modern updates like menus, views, and share buttons. I’m here.

A Hyperkin Xenon controller in a white, red, and pink color scheme on a white background.

Hyperkin Xenon is also compatible with PCs running Windows 10 and 11, Connected to console or computer Comes with a USB-C cable for lag-free gaming. Hyperkin will provide more details at a later date regarding pricing and when upgrades (downgrades in this case?) will be available.

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