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The Xbox 360 Controller Is Coming Back For Its 17th Birthday

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A remake of Hyperkin's Xbox 360 controller.

image: Hyperkin/Microsoft

I remember the first console controller (the polished black Batwing) I used to steer my Xbox 360 as vague and tacky. What do middle schoolers do to cover everything they touch with a thin, rubbery worm film? Other than eating a lot of gummy worms? (At least in my case.) His Hyperkin, a peripheral maker, gives us all a good chance to find out. To celebrate the 360’s 17th anniversary, Hyperkin is releasing an officially licensed replica of the 360 ​​controller compatible with Xbox Series S/X, Windows 10 and 11.

Xenon — like the sci-fi codename 360 ​​had dating back to 2005 When it was still a whisper – it seems like an exact recreation. It features a simple ramp and button placement of the original and is basically coated in Flamin’ Hot Cheeto stains. However, Xenon is also sprinkled with modern features you’re probably used to by now, such as menus, displays, sharing options, and a headphone jack. It is not.

But less excitingly, you can only connect the controller to your console or PC using a detachable USB-C cable.Unlike the original 360 controller, the Xenon cannot go wireless. It’s a little disappointing to me.I really like to relax and stretch out and imagine myself reaching into the distance Fruit by the Foot It’s a parcel while I’m gaming, but I believe they also make corn syrup products for close range use.

Hyperkin hasn’t announced a release date or price yet, but it’s based on the $70 remake of the first-generation Xbox controller. duke, I think no one spares inflation, even for Xbox 360 accessories. But the Xenon also comes in pink (in addition to the original’s white, black, and red), and I suspect that nostalgia will shine enough light on my eyes to swipe my credit card and get confused anyway. .

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