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This $49 iPad Stylus Is A Great Apple Pencil Alternative—Unless You’re An Artist

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i’m a big fan iPad Pro— I think it’s the only Apple product that’s actually significantly better than its competitors — but it’s also one of the most misleading prices in consumer technology. Although it advertises the price of an iPad, it’s usually a borderline unusable entry storage level price for most people, and iPads, especially Pro models, are best used with both a keyboard and a stylus. Additional purchase.

And Apple’s official versions of these accessories are also expensive. The Magic Keyboard that attaches to the iPad costs well over $300, and the Apple Pencil costs $129. While there is no shortage of fully functional third-party keyboards available to consumers, there has never been a third-party stylus that matches the capabilities of the Apple Pencil and is much cheaper.

The NovaPlus A8 Duo is a $49 stylus that can do most of what the Apple Pencil can do, with one notable exception. The A8 Duo has no pressure sensitivity, so the iPad can only detect if the pen tip is touching the screen. With pressure sensitivity, the iPad’s illustration app can recreate the effect of force applied when using tools like waterbrushes and felt-tip pens, so this should quickly become a big problem for serious artists.

If you don’t take illustration seriously, the A8 Duo doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything. It can be charged wirelessly by magnetically connecting to your iPad. This is something many cheap third-party styluses cannot do. It also features a detachable nib and tilt awareness. Two features typically omitted from third-party Apple Pencil alternatives. In particular, tilt recognition is a special feature usually omitted from alternative styluses. This allows the A8 Duo to simulate the effects of shading with a pencil or drag timelines in video editing apps.

When using the NovaPlus A8 Duo for anything other than advanced sketching, it works similarly to the Apple Pencil. I could jot down notes, use it as a precise pointer when trimming videos and mobile games, and use the official Apple stylus.

The A8 Duo lasts 12 hours on a single charge and can be charged via USB-C in addition to wireless charging via iPad. The overall shape and dimensions of the stylus are similar to Apple’s, though the plastic body feels a little hollow. button, but I couldn’t get it to work in Apple’s native Notes app.

While the official Apple Pencil pairs instantly, the pairing process can take a second or two. That means he may have to wait two seconds before the iPad starts registering his taps and swipes to the A8 Duo.

At $49, it’s hard to pick too many.The NovaPlus A8 Duo is a great alternative for those who want a stylus for their iPad but feel the Apple Pencil’s three-digit price tag is too high.

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