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This Pokémon Scarlet and Violet exploit lets you duplicate shiny Pokémon

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newly discovered exploits in Pokemon Scarlet Violet Player can continuously catch the same Shiny Pokemon Many times.

As shared on YouTube by Austin John Playsthe glitch only works near areas that don’t have a loading screen when you enter them, such as open towns.

When you find a shiny Pokémon (or any other Pokémon you want to clone this time), catch it and head to town.

When you arrive at a town and its name appears on the screen, you should save the game and turn it off.

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When the game loads again, the shiny Pokémon you’ve already caught will remain in storage, but when you return to the field, another Pokémon will be there.

You can then catch it, return to town, save it again, and repeat the process.

Austin John said this is because the game only updates the wild Pokémon that are nearby when you leave town, and by saving the game before leaving town, you remember previously caught Pokémon. It is theorized that

Then, when the game is reloaded, it will be taken from the last known list of active wild Pokémon, including Pokémon that have just been captured. The whole process can be seen here:

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Such exploits may be fixed in future patches. Because if enough players do that and start trading shiny replicas online, the rarity of what should be a very rare variant can be effectively ruined.

in VGC Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reviewthe game was the most feature-rich Pokémon title in years, but suffered from technical issues.

“The massive expansion and changes to the single-player campaign are fantastic, the sheer size of the world and the fun to explore is the best in the series. The new Pokémon introduced and the battle mechanics all sing,” we wrote.

“But it’s impossible to shake the idea of ​​how good a game could be if it used more powerful hardware or simply ran within acceptable limits. switch