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This USB Dongle Could Help the Average Person Type 600% Faster

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A CharaChorder X dongle appears alone on a black background.

sounds like an ad on the back page of popular science For a miracle gadget that failed to live up to its promise, however, Chara Choder X Dongle legally and dramatically Improve user’s typing speed—assuming they are willing to work to learn how to use it.

says that the device “increased the average human typing speed from 40 words per minute to 250 words per minute” without sticking a probe deep into the user’s brain and detecting the words they were thinking faster than they could type with their fingers. How can I claim that secret to ? Character Coder Xand its creator’s previous products, Character Coder Lite Keyboard, simply reduces the number of keys you need to type to spell out a word. Thus, to type a dissident he does not have to press 28 keys individually, the user only has to press a combination of 3 or 4 keys once.

As the name suggests, the secret of Chara Choder X is the “code”. Just as a piano player strikes multiple keys simultaneously to play unique groups of sounds, or a guitar player strums multiple strings, CharaChorder technology allows alphanumeric keyboards to be used in a similar way. . But instead of making sounds, pressing several different keys at the same time will automatically type much longer words, making the keyboard a much more efficient input tool.

of original character coder It looked like a gaming peripheral covered in a collection of unlabeled wavy joysticks, but the follow-up, Character Coder Litewhich looks like a regular compact keyboard, making it easier for users to slowly transition from traditional typing techniques to the benefits of typing with codes. As pleased as we were, the company’s latest offering is a much cheaper solution that gives your existing keyboard the power of CharaChorder.

Plug the CharaChorder X dongle into your device’s USB port and plug in your keyboard. Chara Choder X automatically monitors everything you type and automatically enters long words when you enter 3 letters, so you don’t need to install any special drivers or software. or 4 keys combinations are detected.It comes with a library of existing code, but the userYou can also program your own custom code via the website interface, as the dongle has enough capacity to store over 65,000 presets. And because it’s a self-contained device, it works with Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android, iOS, and iPadOS.

There are two pitfalls in taking advantage of CharaChorder X’s typing speed. First, you’ll need to learn all the chords and the muscle memory needed to hit three or four keys accurately at once. This is made easier with the company’s web-based training tools, but it does require some practice. Because it memorizes enough to greatly improve your typing speed.

Second, creators are using a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to start production of CharaChorder X.Campaign is already over the limit $10,000 fundraising goal, you can get one of the dongles for just $39 by making a donation, and the full retail price will end up at $100. Shipments are scheduled for July of next year, but as with any Kickstarted product, especially electronics, there’s always the possibility of: Unexpected delay. The company already has several products on the market through Kickstarter, so it has a solid track record, but we always advise you to be careful with products that put all the risk into pre-ordering them.

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