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Twitter Offers No Explanation as It Puts an End to CoTweets

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How many times do we have to watch Twitter remove a feature before it finally decides what it wants to be?
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We hope you have had the opportunity to test Twitter’s CoTweet feature.

The news will not appear on Twitter’s main page or account. The only way to know that Twitter has removed the feature is if you happen to browse. Twitter help center page on Monday. “It’s sad to say that the current experiment is coming to an end,” the company wrote, adding that the user had a chance to post his last CoTweet before the company deprecated the feature. It’s not. This feature is no longer available as of his January 31st.

Beyond that, CoTweets now last for a month before turning into simple retweets. It seems that they are acknowledging that there may be problems.

twitter Rolled out CoTweets last year Several users have promised that for a “limited time” they will see what kind of people and brands have used it. can sign on as another author. Tweets will appear on both your profile and your followers’ timelines.

The question still remains why the company has to deprecate the CoTweet feature when it is still in its infancy. We reached out to his PR department at Twitter, but it’s still a hopeless cause because Twitter owner Elon Musk has wrecked the public relations team. Gizmodo also tweeted that he asked Musk himself for an answer, but the de facto company’s mouthpiece has yet to give an answer.

Musk instead murmured On Tuesday, we announced that our improved Community Notes feature will “transform” accountability and accuracy on Twitter. Ironically, the community notes feature is bird watchhave Some of Musk’s own tweets came under fireis flagged for misleading the reader or spreading false information.

As originally pointed out by Mashable, Twitter launched certain features just to give it the ax just a year later. The company added a similar feature to his Instagram Stories called “Fleet.” to the user Post something that disappears in 24 hours. However, in the case of Fleet, certain bugs allow users to Viewing and Downloading Temporary Posts Even after they are deleted.

Mask has deprecated other upcoming features such as Planned crypto walletThe billionaire Twitter owner also closed Revue, the newsletter company it first acquired in 2021. However, Twitter finally implemented a much-requested edit button, but only if users were willing to do so. payment for twitter blue.

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