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YouTuber attempts to fast charge his Tesla Model 3 Performance during winter storm at -14°F

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As expected, charging a Tesla Model 3 at -14 degrees takes significantly longer than usual (Image: Out-of-spec review)

In addition to significantly reducing range on a single charge, supercharging experiments with the Tesla Model 3 Performance may have EV drivers dealing with extremely cold winter temperatures. Another weakness is shown.

Most EV owners and prospective buyers are well aware of the fact that driving an electric vehicle in the winter can significantly reduce its range. However, drivers who don’t have access to a heated garage could, at least in theory, be taken aback by trying to charge their battery-powered vehicle at a very cold temperature. This is demonstrated by experiments using a Tesla Model 3. .

sympathetic host for youtube channel substandard reviewKyle Connor parked his personal 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance near a Supercharger in Colorado as winter storms brought very low temperatures to many parts of the United States. was to find out how the car would react to a charging attempt at -14 degrees Fahrenheit if the battery was not preconditioned.

An intriguing winter experiment can be seen in the corresponding YouTube videosUltimately, it took about 45 minutes for the EV to start charging. Until then, the energy from the supercharger was used to heat the battery pack to the correct temperature. It then took another 45 minutes to charge the electric sedan from 35% to 90%. Overall, the Tesla Model 3 Performance performed quite well in these frigid temperatures, but the test also highlights the importance of preconditioning the battery before visiting the Tesla Supercharger in the winter.

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