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Alec Baldwin formally charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with Rust shooting

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Actor Alec Baldwin and a weapons expert have been formally charged with manslaughter in the shooting of a cinematographer on a movie set in New Mexico.

Santa Fe District Attorney Mary Carmack Altweis has filed an indictment naming Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who oversaw the weapons on the set of the western movie. rust.

The filing comes nearly two weeks after Carmack Altwise first announced that Baldwin and Gutierrez Reed would be indicted for what authorities described as a pattern of crimes that disregard safety.

Baldwin and Gutierrez Reid have pleaded not guilty and vowed to stand up to the charges.

Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas, declined to comment on Tuesday, citing his earlier statement about the incident, which called the accusation that he and his client would fight and win “a miscarriage of terrible justice.” .

“Mr Baldwin had no reason to believe there was live ammunition anywhere in the gun or on the film set,” the statement said. “He relied on the professionals he worked with.”

Gutierrez Reid’s attorney said he would release a statement at a later date.

Halina Hutchins died on October 21, 2021, shortly after being shot during a rehearsal at her ranch on a movie set outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. movie director.

Prosecutors say Baldwin’s involvement as a producer and as the person who fired the gun was factored into the decision to prosecute.

A new era of movie sets

Hutchins’ death has already brought new safety measures to the film industry.

The decision to indict Baldwin marks a surprising turn of events for an A-list actor with a 40-year career that included early blockbusters red october hunting and a sitcom lead 30 rockand the iconic appearance of Martin Scorsese deceased And the film adaptation of David Mamet Glengarry Glen RossIn recent years, Baldwin has been known for his impressions of former President Donald Trump. saturday night live.

Carmack-Altwies told the Associated Press in an interview on Jan. 19 that the set “was actually running pretty fast and sluggish,” and Baldwin said the set had a previous misfire and He said he should have known several people had raised safety concerns.

She added that it was Baldwin who pointed the gun and pulled the trigger.

Baldwin and Gutierrez Reed are issued subpoenas to appear in court. The prosecutor waives the grand jury and turns to the judge to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial. A decision may take up to 60 days.

Baldwin speaks on the phone after being questioned about the shooting in a parking lot outside the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Jim Weber/Santa Fe New Mexican/The Associated Press)

Involuntary manslaughter may include killings that occur while the accused acted negligently or negligently while doing something lawful but dangerous.

Prosecutors also said they would disclose the terms of a plea deal signed with assistant director David Halls, who oversaw safety on set. I am explaining.

Halls agreed to plead guilty to the careless use of a lethal weapon, they said.

Evidence and Facts “Speak for themselves”

District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Heather Brewer said in a statement Monday that the prosecution is “committed to ensuring justice for Halina Hutchins,” and that “the evidence and facts speak for themselves.” said.

Co-producer Baldwin rust, describes the killing as a tragic accident. The 64-year-old actor, who said he was told the gun was safe, is seeking to clear his name by suing those involved in handling and supplying the loaded .45-caliber revolver.

Media gathered outside the entrance to Bonanza Creek Ranch. where Baldwin shot and killed Hutchins when he fired a prop gun on the set of the movie The Last. (Adria Malcolm/Reuters)

In the lawsuit, Baldwin said that while working with Hutchins on camera angles, he pointed the gun in her direction, pulled it back, released the weapon’s hammer, and it fired.

Gutierrez Reid’s attorney, Jason Bowles, said the charges were the result of “flawed investigations” and “an inaccurate understanding of the complete facts.”

Defendants can participate in many initial court proceedings remotely or request a waiver of first court appearance.

Manslaughter related to negligence is a fourth-degree felony and carries a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison and a US fine of $5,000 under New Mexico state law.

The second charge of manslaughter alleges recklessness and could carry a penalty of five years in prison because the offense was committed with a firearm.

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