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Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial Begins: Key Facts, Timeline

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at the time of his death, Paul was facing manslaughter charges One of the passengers, 19-year-old Mallory Beach, died in a boat crash on February 24, 2019. Just before 2:30 a.m., her friends crashed into a bridge pylon at high speed, injuring those on board and sending them flying across the beach.Her body was not found for seven days.

Alex and his father soon arrived at the hospital where Paul and other survivors were taken.one nurse there Said Paul says, “Extremely intoxicated and uncooperative with staff“Paul was “one of the most arrogant teenagers to make it through the emergency room,” he told detectives. Other nurses said they saw Alex go into other people’s rooms on the boat and try to talk to them. initially rejected Get a blood alcohol test. Subsequent tests found that his blood alcohol level was three times his legal limit.

Mr. and Mrs. Murdeau later tried to claim that Cook was driving at the time of the crash.This is the defense Paul planned to use when he was finally charged with three counts related to Beach’s death months after the crash. Pleaded not guilty in May 2019it was court with a portrait of his great-grandfather hung on the wall. Released on a $50,000 approval bond, Paul was never held in prison.his A photo was taken in the hallway of the courtroom rather than a police station

Before his death, the Beach family also Wrongful death lawsuit against Mr. and Mrs. Murdowwhich would have forced them to detail their net worth and finances in court.

After Paul was murdered, officials may be the intended target Whether Maggie’s death was collateral damage.Alex’s brother said good morning america Their deceased nephew had received death threats prior to the murder.

What about other deaths related to the Murdow family?

Shortly after Paul and Maggie were killed, authorities announced they would reopen the investigation “based on information gathered” during the investigation. 2015 death of local 19-year-old Stephen Smith When The 2018 death of Murdo’s housekeeper Gloria Satterfield.

On July 8, 2015, Smith’s body was found in the middle of a country road in Hampton County, about 10 miles from Murdow’s home. A 19-year-old boy died of blunt force trauma to his head. Authorities initially thought it was a hit-and-run. They theorized that he was walking home in the middle of the night after his car ran out of gas when he was struck and killed by another vehicle. found no evidence of his death, fueling suspicions that his body was simply dumped there.

A gay nursing student from a conservative small town, Smith was a classmate of Buster Murdoh. Smith’s twin sister told her that he had quietly met another young man who would surprise many. is not.

In February 2018, more than two and a half years after Smith was murdered, the Murdows Satterfield, longtime housekeeper, collapsed in their hunting lodge and died from her injuries a few weeks later. She is said to have tripped over her family’s dog and hit her head on her steps. However, according to the coroner, the housekeeper’s death was listed as “natural death” on her death certificate, but the method should have been “accidental”.

In September 2021, following the Murdoh murder, authorities said they were opening a criminal investigation into Satterfield’s death and the handling of her property based on “information gathered” during the investigation of Alex. rice field.Girlfriend corpse exhumed As part of an investigation.

What other crimes has Alex Murdow been accused of?

Alex was indicted in October 2021 on two counts of acquiring property under false pretexts for misappropriating funds intended for the Satterfield family after her death.

Satterfield’s sons said Murdaugh directed them to use a lawyer. Cory Fleming was one of his longtime friends, unknown to them. He eventually reached a $500,000 settlement, but his sons said they never received the money. they later Additional $4.3 million settlement they were not informed. Instead, Fleming transferred the money to Murdoh’s new account. (Fleming Also, you will eventually be chargedas did former banker Russell Lafitte. alleged to have participated In June 2022, Alex finally Acknowledged in a “confession of judgment” He owed Satterfields $4.3 million.

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