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Arizona’s GOP governor congratulates Hobbs on victory as Lake refuses to concede

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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, congratulated Republican candidate Kari Lake on Wednesday on winning the race to succeed Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, after she withdrew.

Hobbes was declared the winner of a high-profile gubernatorial race last week, and Ducey met with her on Wednesday to offer her full support for Republicans to begin a transition amid claims to disenfranchise voters. .

“Today, I congratulate incoming Governor Katie Hobbs on winning a hard-fought race and offer to work fully with her as she prepares to take over leadership of Arizona,” Ducey said. rice field. said in a statement.

“My administration will work to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible,” he added. “Our duty is to ensure that Arizona’s 24th governor and his team are on track and that the state’s incredible momentum continues.”

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Lake, a supporter of former President Trump, has refused to admit the race, even though Hobbes leads her with about 17,000 votes. This is the margin above the threshold that triggers an automatic recount.

Prior to the election, Arizona Republicans repeatedly refused to say they would accept the results of the election.

Ducey in 2020 drew Trump’s ire after he refused to overturn the 2020 election results in the state.

“We have all been patiently waiting for the democratic process to unfold,” Ducey said. “The people of Arizona have their say, the votes are tallied, and we respect their decisions. No matter who we vote for, we are all involved in Arizona’s success. Infinity, let’s never forget that as we begin the next chapter of our state’s history.”

Lake and his colleagues specifically targeted a printer failure that occurred on election day in Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous county, which straddles the Phoenix, Arizona area.

County elections officials have acknowledged printer issues at 70 vote centers, but insisted affected residents still have multiple ways to vote. They said the issue affected his 7% of voters on Election Day.

But Lake posted a series of videos from voters in Maricopa who expressed concerns about the voting process. However, many of those voters did not claim that their chance to vote was ultimately denied.

The Republican National Committee joined Arizona’s attorney general candidate in challenging his election results in a lawsuit Tuesday night, but the contest was separated by a much smaller margin of just 510 votes. rice field.

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