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Biden zeroes in on the newly powerful House GOP as a threat to the rebounding economy

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President Joe Biden As the pieces of his anticipated campaign gather, he takes aim at the newly powerful House Republican Party as a threat to a recovering economy, and tweaks his arguments for re-election amid intensive travel and fundraising. I am adjusting.

There are only a few weeks left until Biden announces his intention to run again. White House officials have produced a travel schedule and a series of speeches With that, the President will launch infrastructure projects, promote union employment, and announce progress he believes the American economy has made under his oversight.

“It’s about good work. It’s about the dignity of work,” Biden said Tuesday in front of Manhattan’s West Tunnel, which will be improved with the help of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill he signed into law in 2021. “It’s about respect and self-esteem. And folks, it’s about time.

With a string of events along the East Coast from northern Virginia to Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City, Biden has set a multi-day travel schedule per week, and while the presidential election is in full swing, the aide said, I expect it to continue.

Last week, he told Virginia’s Steamfitters Union Hall that his agenda was to “see communities reborn, not just on the coast, but across America.” I was. This time in Baltimore, the improvement will allow Amtrak trains to triple their speed on one of the busiest rail corridors in the country.

He also headlined a high-priced Democratic fundraising event in Manhattan, launching what is expected to be a campaign cash blitz. We are aware of potential events over the next few months in multiple states, including

Giving an implicit preview of the 2024 message, Biden told donors: Biden recalled running for office in 2020 to restore the nation’s soul, rebuild the middle class, and unite the nation, suggesting his work isn’t done yet.

“The third is proving to be the most difficult to implement, but we’re getting there,” he said.

On Friday, Biden will tout his efforts to fire Reid before addressing the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting in Philadelphia.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will address Biden in New York on Tuesday, highlighting the progress Biden has made in implementing his infrastructure bill, citing Biden as his predecessor and currently his only Republican president. I have prepared a message that the challenger, Donald Trump, has achieved what he could not.

“For four years the former president used a shovel, and now we’re going to put a real shovel in the ground wielded by real American workers,” Schumer said.

Biden’s aides and other Democratic lawmakers have been working for months to get the campaign infrastructure in place so they will be ready when Biden decides to reveal his intentions. The campaign is expected to draw some staff from the DNC and the White House and will have to be coordinated with both.

Already, Biden’s West Wing team is undergoing a turnaround following the resignation of Chief of Staff Ron Crane. Crane’s successor, Jeff Zientz, is expected to focus on managing the White House and implementing Biden’s legislative and policy agenda, along with other top advisers, namely senior adviser Anita Dunn, and Biden’s success story. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon, who managed the 2020 campaign – will lead Biden’s political activism.

Other politicians are expected to be hired as the re-election campaign takes shape, according to White House officials.

Overshadowing Biden’s preparations is a special counsel investigation into his handling of classified materials, which is set to officially begin this week. Biden denied wrongdoing after classified documents were found in his personal office and his home, but the specter of an investigation will haunt the White House for at least the next few months.

White House aide feels justified by polls showing document controversy doesn’t count Lowered Biden’s overall approval rating. And Biden himself shrugged off questions about whether he would attend an interview with Special Counsel Robert Herr on Monday.

“I don’t even know about the special counsel,” Biden told reporters at the White House before quickly moving on to another question.

For now, Biden’s main focus is next week’s State of the Union address, which his team is crafting to serve as a springboard to his re-election. foresaw the expected themes in his evening speech.

Biden is then expected to continue traveling around the country, including possible stops in two battleground states, Michigan and Wisconsin, as he prepares for his official campaign announcement.

Officials said the annual speech will continue to evolve as Biden and his advisers work on the writing. The text is not expected to be completed until the last minute before it is presented in the House of Commons next week. The team working on the speech, which includes senior advisers Mike Donillon and Bruce Reed, has had lengthy writing and preparation sessions with Biden over the past few days.

White House officials say the president’s recent speech touting the bipartisan infrastructure bill he signed into law in 2021 is designed to signal change. rice field.

The US job market remains strong, GDP growth remains strong, wages are rising and, importantly, inflation appears to be finally moderating. These are all things Mr. Biden has said publicly recently. In contrast, the president has warned that lawmakers he calls “MAGA Republicans” are trying to reverse some of that very progress by proposing ideas like a national sales tax. .

He’s also issued a sharp warning to Republicans looking to use the national debt ceiling as leverage in spending cut negotiations, a battle that will be waged in the first few weeks of the campaign.

When Biden spoke in Virginia last week, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted that Biden “if he wants to talk about the economy so hard, he should set a date to talk about raising the responsible debt ceiling.” I wrote.

he gets that date this weekwhen Biden and McCarthy Sit down at the White House for the first one-on-one since McCarthy was promoted to the role earlier this month.

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